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That’s Amore! Here Are the Top 5 US Cities Every Pizza Lover Needs to Visit!

Written by Tasmiah Rashid

This blog post was updated on June 1, 2023.

The votes are in: here’s a list of the best cities to venture to, if you’re a die-hard pizza-lover. Whether it’s a classic, cheesy, Chicago deep-dish slice that you’re craving or a new, trending, auto-parts-shaped, Detroit-style pie you’ve been dying to try — these places are sure to satisfy even the most devout pizzeria patron’s appetite.

Check out these top five U.S. cities that are sure to have skies that will hit your eye, like a big pizza pie.

That’s amore!



Image via Flickr CC – Joefoodie

Make moves to the Motor City to try a fresh take on the classic Sicilian! Husband-wife duo Gus and Anna Guerra of Detroit‘s popular local bar Buddy’s decided to throw a batch of classic Sicilian dough, some sauce and cheese into a blue steel pan (originally used to carry auto parts) and bake it. The result? A blackened, rectangular-shaped pizza pie with an extra-crispy cheese crust! This style may be the new kid on the pizza block, but don’t let that fool you; this pie is up on the trending scale and is hitting pizzerias across the nation!

New York Cityny-pizza

Not into the idea of industrial pizza pies? Then start spreading the news, you’re headed to the city that never sleeps. Home to dozens of family-owned, multigenerational, mom-and-pop shops, some refer to New York City as the “Mecca” of American pizza and trust us when we say when it comes to pizza, NYC will have you saying “mamma mia!” with every bite.

New Havennew-haven-pizza

What puts New Haven on this must-visit map? Two words: coal-fired pizza. If you know pizza… you know Frank Pepe Pizzeria Napoletana – home to the original New Haven-style tomato pie. Popularly known as apizza, these tomato pies consist of a super thin crust adorned with oregano, grated pecorino romano cheese, and a ton of tomato sauce… YUM!

San Francisco

Image via Flickr CC - Eric Molina

Image via Flickr CC – Eric Molina

Take the lush, fresh produce that grows under the California sunshine, and put it atop the finest Italian flour-based dough and voila: you have a delicious San Franciscan pizza! This bustling city is known for its bursting foodie scene, and of course, their unique range of flavors and styles of pizza is no exception to this! The popular pizza joint Flour + Water, for example, uses a very particular method to yield perfectly thin and charred crusts, topped with locally grown squash blossoms, house-made pork sausage, and Calabrian chili.


Deep-dish pizza… need we say more? Who can resist the thick, doughy, cake-pan shaped Chicago  style pie? The pan these delicious delicacies are made in are oiled, giving this pie an almost fried effect. Add on the many layers of toppings and cheese… and boy, do we hope you’ve brought your appetite! The Windy City is your place to be if you like your pizza dense and hearty!

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