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Find Adventure! Great Places to Travel to in Your 20s

Written by Lauren Saccone

This blog post was updated on July 31, 2023.

Traveling in your 20s is a wild experience. As a young adult, you have fewer responsibilities than your older travel counterparts, allowing you to head out on exciting adventures at the drop of a hat. All you need to do is find some cheap flight deals, grab your luggage, and head out for parts unknown — but where are the top spots for you to visit?

We’ve rounded up some of the best places to travel in your 20s, from wild adventures to soaking up culture in some amazing cities. Read on to find out the best places to see the world and get the most from your travel experiences.

Machu Picchu, Peru

Best Places to Travel in Your 20s - manchu pichu

Machu Picchu is easily one of the top travel spots for people in their 20s, and it’s easy to see why. It’s an icon of ancient Peruvian culture and a stunning place with centuries of history to explore. You can travel the same trails the Incas wandered, learning all about their rich history as well as the natural beauty of Peru.

Spend some quality time with your spiritual side at any of the old and venerable temples in the area (and be sure to get a guide who can tell you all about it). Afterwards, you’ll love partaking in the local cuisine, which combines the best of old and new world flavors for a signature style that can only be found in Machu Picchu. It’s a glorious trip that will leave you feeling restored physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

New Orleans, Louisiana

Best Places to Travel in Your 20s - new orleans

If you haven’t experienced New Orleans, your 20s is the perfect time in your life to visit one of the most vibrant and beautiful cities in the world. There are plenty of cheap flights in and out of the city, making it the perfect spot for a weekend getaway.

You can stroll through the colorful streets, learning about the fascinating history of the French Quarter and checking out a host of quirky local shops. Be sure to try some of the fresh beignets with powdered sugar that the city is famous for, and don’t miss out on the haunted tours of the area. You’ll learn tons about the mysterious history of this ancient city, and get some spooky stories and souvenirs to share with friends when you get home.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Best Places to Travel in Your 20s - Amsterdam

There’s no end to what you can see and do when you’re strolling through Amsterdam. The diverse nightlife makes it one of the top travel spots for people in their 20s, especially those who have a taste for clubbing. Those that prefer a more relaxed trip can take walking tours through this historic city, and check out a wide selection of different museums and art galleries.

Grab a rental bike to save money and get a firsthand look at just what Amsterdam has to offer. You’ll love seeing the gorgeous canals, and there are plenty of quaint cafés that are perfect for grabbing a quick meal before heading out on yet another adventure.

Munich, Germany

Best Places to Travel in Your 20s - Munich

If you’ve got a taste for beer, it’s high time you hit up Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany. This colossal celebration is a feast for all the senses, and a great way to experience the best of German culture up close and personal. You can sample a vast assortment of different beers, from local favorites to cutting edge new flavors that have to be tasted to be believed.

And for those who like to cut loose, Munich has a wild and exciting assortment of different clubs and venues where you can dance the night away, or check out amazing new bands. Be sure to bring your appetite, too; Munich has a proud history of culinary delights, from comforting bar food to modern restaurants that take the experience of eating up to a whole new level. It’s a never-ending party in Munich, and it’s one you definitely don’t want to miss out on.

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Barcelona, Spain

If you’re looking for a great time surrounded by a rich culture and stunning views, then Barcelona, Spain might just be the place for you. The city offers an invigorating blend of fascinating history, stunning architecture, and a lively contemporary culture that appeals to young adventurers. Architect Antoni Gaudi’s iconic masterpieces, such as the Sagrada Familia and Park Güell, provide awe-inspiring sights and amazing photo opportunities.

The city’s beachside location allows for days of relaxation and ample opportunities for beach parties, while the bustling nightlife promises unforgettable experiences at countless bars, clubs, and live music venues. The food scene is diverse, with delicious tapas and traditional Spanish cuisine to indulge in. Additionally, Barcelona hosts numerous festivals and events, providing an authentic taste of local celebrations and traditions. The city’s welcoming spirit, combined with its youthful energy, makes Barcelona an exciting and memorable destination for any 20-something traveler.


Have you been to one or all of these destinations in your 20s and have some tip? Tell us about your experience in the comments sections below!

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