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Kunsthaus Zurich

One of the best art museums in Europe, Kunsthaus Zurich is a museum of fine arts run by Zurich Society of Arts. It is an excellent museum tracing its history back to a society of artists founded in the year 1787. It boasts an immense array of works by scores of artists such as Chales Munch and Monet. Kunsthaus Zurich is rich in collection especially in Post Impressionists, Impressionists, and Modern Schools, starting with the prominent and early Impressionists Corot, Manet, Courbet, and Delacroix.

Schweizerisches Landesmuseum

Schweizerisches Landesmuseum, also named as Swiss National Museum, is a castle-like building with neo-Gothic flourishes boasting a wonderful museum highlighting the cultural history of the country. This museum is home to the most significant collection of historic and cultural artifacts of the country. The assorted collection of the objects in the museum covers works of gold, silversmiths, costumes, textiles, jewelry, metalwork, scientific instruments, watches, clocks, rural life, sleighs, carriages, musical instruments, industrial antiquities, and crafts.

Zurich Zoo

One of the finest zoos in Europe, Zurich Zoo is home to over 360 different animal species. The exotic world of this zoo makes the wild animals live in their natural habitat. Visitors can enjoy the sights of penguins swimming in water, snow Leopard in the midst of mountains, and much more. Tourists can also get the trains and trams to this zoo from the main train station and the Paradeplatz.


Bahnhofstrasse is the "Main Street" of Zurich. It stretches from the main train station (bahnhof) to the Burkliplatz at the head of the lake. This street is 1,200-meter long and is among the most attractive shopping streets in Europe. This street becomes enlivened by public art, fountains, trees, and distinguished buildings. Though a number of these shops that line it are replete with fashions, furs, jewelry, and other high-end goods, their wonderfully decked windows and the buildings themselves make it an excellent place for everyone to stroll.

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