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The Prince of Wales Northern Heritage Centre is located in the Canadian city of Yellowknife, Northwest Territories. It is home to a vast collection of objects that closely represent the local history, culture and customs. What makes this institution different from other museums in Yellowknife is that it supports cultural and artistic activities and authorizes archaeological studies in the region that no other museum does. Visitors interested in gaining a profound insight into the regional history and culture will find this museum a tremendous resource to begin with.

Hidden Lake Territorial Park

The Hidden Lake Territorial Park is located on Ingraham Trail, about 30 miles away from Yellowknife in Canada. The Ingraham Trail attracts a large number of tourists every year for its delightful scenery and the fact that it leads to many beautiful lakes, rivers and waterfalls. The Hidden Lake Territorial Park & Reserve on the Ingraham Trail is a wilderness park featuring rivers, tributaries, wetlands and lakes that offer bird-watching, fishing, river-rafting, hiking and kayaking. Being a nature reserve, it is also home to a wide range of native and exotic wildlife.

Old Town

Gold was discovered in Yellowknife sometime in early 1930s and the subsequent years resulted in a gold rush in the region. Enthusiastic miners from all parts of US and Canada started to pour-in to Yellowknife and they built many tents and wooden dwellings near the Great Slave Lake at a place that’s now called Old Town. Later as the gold rush receded and the miners left the place, these wooden houses were left to ruin until they were found during an archeological excavation in 1969. Visitors can visit the Old Town to touch a part of the history in the ruins of these old buildings.

Snowking Winter Festival

The Snowking Winter Festival is an annual, month-long festival held every year in March in Yellowknife. Celebrated since 1996, this festival is celebrated in a snow castle that is freshly built every year. This castle is inclusive of an auditorium, cafe, courtyard, slide, parapets and turrets. Once the castle is complete, a number of cultural events and activities are celebrated in and around it. Some of the highlights here include concerts, art shows, children's theatre, and ice sculptures.

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