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Book Yaounde Nsimalen and enjoy the freedom to roam. Envision driving along a winding road, windows rolled down, leisurely passing scenic areas or popular attractions in comfortable rental cars in Yaounde Nsimalen. Take the road less traveled, and discover more about the city surroundings using car rentals in Yaounde Nsimalen!

Mefou National Park

Located at a driving distance of around 45 minutes from Yaounde, Mefou National Park is operated by Ape Action Africa. Here, visitors can see magnificent apes of Cameroon living in their natural habitat. One can take a guided tour in which expert guides take visitors to show gorillas, chimps, drills, and mandrills in the beautiful natural settings. The park remains open for the public from 9:00 AM to 4:30 PM everyday and the last tour starts at 3:30 PM.

National Museum Yaounde

An excellent place to learn about the history of Cameroon, National Museum Yaounde is located in the premises of the former presidency of Cameroon, in the opposite of the Ministry of Public health. This museum belongs to the Department of Cultural Conservation of the Cultural Affairs Head Office. National Museum Yaounde features exhibits related to history, politics, and culture of the country. Guided tours are available in English.

Benedictine Museum of Mont-Febe

Located in Boulevard de la Reunification, Benedictine Museum of Mont-Febe puts on exhibition all sorts of items and artworks that portray the diverse culture of Cameroon. The museum has four display rooms that are surrounded by trimmed lawns and decorative trees. On the entrance, there is a catalogue of museum's history, mission, and exhibits. The corridors of the museum boast bronze and wooden statues, tribal masks, and ivory pipes.

Blackitude Museum

Founded in 1998, Blackitude Museum preserves a large part of artistic heritage of the country. In the museum, there are more than 2070 artworks including bronze and wooden statues, furniture, and traditional costumes and masks. Blackitude Museum is dedicated to make visitors know about Cameroon's rich art and culture scene in various themes.

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