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Arch of Marcus Aurelius

The Arch of Marcus Aurelius is the only surviving monument of Roman era in Tripoli. It is a cube-shaped, Roman triumphal arch made of marble built over an octagonal cupola. This arch was erected by two Roman magistrates to commemorate the Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius’s victory over the Parthians in 165 AD.

Red Castle Museum

Libya’s national museum, the Red Castle Museum features last 5000 years of regional history. It is also known as Assaraya Alhamra Museum or the Archaeological Museum of Tripoli, and is located in the historic building of Red Castle. This 100-year old museum is divided into artifacts and documents related to several different times of Libyan history like prehistoric era, ancient Libyan tribes and traditions, Islamic architecture, Italian Libya, Second World War, Libyan independence from Italy and other aspects of history.


Zhaoling is the tomb of the second Qing emperor, Huang Taiji, and is flanked by those of his consorts. It is also the largest of three imperial tombs located north of the Great Wall of China. Built during 1643 and 1651 AD, this mausoleum is considered a delightful mix of traditional Manchu and Chinese architectural styles. Zhaoling’s layout can be divided into three parts - the Horse Dismounting Tablet, the Red Gate and the Square City.

The Martyrs' Square

The Martyrs' Square (also known as Green Square and Independence Square) is a downtown landmark in the city of Tripoli. It is hallmarked by a beautiful Italian fountain and Omar Mukhtar Avenue, which is one of the longest roads in North Africa.

Gurgi Mosque

Literally meaning ‘From Georgia’ for its first name in Arabic, Gurgi Mosque in old Tripoli checks both boxes of antiquity and architectural beauty. It was built in 1834 AD by Mustafa Gurgi, a naval captain who served the Ottoman Empire. This classical piece of Ottoman architecture is endowed with top notch artworks and tiles, and also contains the tombs of Gurgi and his family in an antechamber near the entrance. Gurgi Mosque is flanked by the Arch of Marcus Aurelius, the only surviving Roman monument in the city.

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