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Tabriz Bazaar

Exploring the delights of Tabriz Bazaar is widely considered as the major highlight of the trip to Tabriz. It is no hyperbole is stating this market as one of the most beautiful bazaars in the country and thus its designation of UNESCO World Heritage Site is totally justified. It was a significant trading port along the famous Silk Road. Tabriz Bazaar boasts high domed ceilings and a never-ending maze of alleys making the navigation a congenial experience. Visitors can buy from a range of products from jewelry to spices, pots, and pans and much more.

Blue Mosque

Also named as Goy Maszid, Blue Mosque dates back to 1465. Though most of the original structure was affected by the colossal earthquake that hit the city in 1779 and the scars of the disaster are still evident on the mosque. However, Blue Mosque was reconstructed and only the iwan of the entrance is from the original structure. This iwans boasts the intricate blue tile-work with some of fine Islamic calligraphy.

Jameh Mosque

Located adjacent to Tabriz Bazaar, Jameh Mosque also suffered a lot during the earthquakes that hit the city in past centuries and thus underwent a number of reconstructions. Due to this reason, the mosque present today is a blend of old and new features. Jameh Mosque is majorly famous for its two tall minarets and the fine mosaic work that frames the entrance of the mosque.

Azerbaijan Museum

Located in proximity to the Blue Mosque, Azerbaijan Museum is home to some of the fine pieces related to the ancient history. The museum features three halls. The key highlights of the museum are the unique artifacts that belong to the Iron Age. Several objects that were found in the excavations of Iranian Azerbaijan are also showcased in the museum. The sculptures based on the themes of war and violence is also point of attraction at Azerbaijan Museum.

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