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Find Car Rentals in Shenyang, China

Book cheap Shenyang car rentals and enjoy the freedom to roam! Envision driving along a winding road, windows rolled down, leisurely passing scenic areas or popular attractions in comfortable rental cars in Shenyang. Take the road less traveled, and discover more about the city surroundings using car rentals in Shenyang!

Mukden Palace or Shenyang Imperial Palace

Mukden Palace was the former imperial palace of the Qing dynasty in China. It was built for Nurhachi, the founder of Qing Dynasty in 1625 and the palace had served as the royal residence of the first three Qing emperors from 1625 to 1644. Mukden Palace is a classic example of Manchu architectural style and its signatures especially extend to Grand Politics Hall, the Ten Princes' Pavilion, Golden Chimes, Phoenix Chamber and Pure Tranquility Pavilion. Some of the highlights here include exquisitely handcrafted carving and painting, and scrollwork with engravings of dragons on the royal throne. The palace is now converted into a museum and is open to public.

9.18 Memorial Museum

At 10:30 pm on 18 September 1931, a bomb exploded near a railway line near Shenyang. This explosion was deliberately done by the Imperial Japanese Army to invade and annex some parts of China. 9.18 Memorial Museum in Shenyang is home to a collection of photographs that tell the harrowing tale of war crimes and atrocities committed by Japanese forces on Chinese citizens post that ill-conspired bomb explosion. Some other exhibits of note here include Chinese and Japanese firearms and artillery, torture devices, human skeletons and some old sections of the original railroad bridge.


Zhaoling is the tomb of the second Qing emperor, Huang Taiji, and is flanked by those of his consorts. It is also the largest of three imperial tombs located north of the Great Wall of China. Built during 1643 and 1651 AD, this mausoleum is considered a delightful mix of traditional Manchu and Chinese architectural styles. Zhaoling’s layout can be divided into three parts - the Horse Dismounting Tablet, the Red Gate and the Square City.

Shenyang Horticultural Exposition Garden

Shenyang Horticultural Exposition Garden is best known as the site of the International Horticultural Exposition 2006. It is hallmarked by some international gardens that closely resemble those of the Disney World in the US, and those of some Chinese provinces and cities. Shenyang Horticultural Exposition Garden attracts maximum fanfare for its grand superstructure called the Lily Tower. It is also the highest point of the garden and looks like a beautiful white lily in full bloom to signify harmonious and prosperous development across all economic sectors. This iconic garden also has an amusement park with a roller coaster and many children-centric fun entertainment rides.

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