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National Theater

The national theater in San Jose is one of the most beautiful buildings in Costa Rica with great importance to the cultural and historical aspect of the country. It opened in 1897, representing Costa Rica’s high degree of fine art and is a grand display of neo-classical architecture. The construction of the theater started in 1891 with the funds coming from a coffee tax since it was their main export at the time. After 7 years of hard work under the direction of an Italian engineer, the theater opened and quickly became Costa Rica’s prized cultural jewel. The inside of the theater is filled with lavish decorations and intricate detail which is so well done, it must have taken some very talented workers to make them all! I’m sure they needed to have a lot of patience to create every single little decoration. Statues and paintings depicting the Costa Rican lifestyle in the 19th century are placed carefully in the theater, creating a magnificent atmosphere.

Central Market

A visit to the Central Market in San Jose is a must while in the city. I love the atmosphere of local markets, it’s fun to watch the locals go about their daily life, you can try traditional food and go souvenir shopping. There are several San Jose sightseeing tours that stop by this market as it’s one of the most important places in the city. This is the best place to go souvenir shopping in San Jose since there are many stalls and tons of different things to look at. There are also many restaurants in the market so if you want to try a local favorite, head to Soda Tapia. It’s been in the market for over 100 years!

Museo de Jade (Museum)

Museo de Jade was reopened during the mid 2014. It is home to the world’s largest collection of American jade (pronounced ‘ha-day’ in Spanish). The ample new exhibition space (five floors offer six exhibits) allows the public greater access to the museum's varied collection. There are nearly 7000 finely crafted, well-conserved pieces, from translucent jade carvings depicting fertility goddesses, shamans, frogs and snakes to incredible ceramics (some reflecting Maya influences), including a highly unusual ceramic head displaying a row of serrated teeth.

Barrio Amon

Barrio Amon is the historical neighborhood of the city. Located here are the North & west of Plaza Espana. The plaza is home to a cluster of cafetalero (coffee grower) mansions constructed during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. In recent years, many of the area’s historic buildings have been converted into hotels, restaurants and offices, making this a popular district for an architectural stroll. You’ll find everything from art-deco concrete manses to brightly painted tropical Victorian structures in various states of upkeep. It is a key arts center.

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