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The Great Barrier Reef

The Great Barrier Reef is the world's largest coral reef system and is located at a day’s trip from Richmond, Australia. It is also the world's biggest single structure made by living organisms that is visible from the outer space. This grand reef is located off the coast of Queensland and is the best choice for a day’s trip from Richmond.

Kronosaurus Korner

Geologists have confirmed that millions of years ago, nearly half of Australia was a part of a great 'Inland Sea' and was home to a large number of dinosaur species. Consequently this area is rich in fossils of all those prehistoric animal and bird species. Richmond’s star attraction, Kronosaurus Korner is marine fossil museum that houses some of the best preserved fossilized discoveries dating back to 20 million years ago. Two impossible to miss attractions here are the fossilized structures of a 10 -meter long marine reptile called Pliosaur and the largest fossilized fish ever found in Australia called Wanda.

Paluma Range National Park

Paluma Range is a national park located in Queensland; Australia. Paluma Range National Park features waterfall, a freshwater creek, a lake plus a wide sprawl of trees. Visitors here can enjoy walking, bird watching, and swimming. The cold waters here come cascading down from a mountain nearby, flowing at a gentle pace from a nearly 100-year old stone arch bridge offering a picture-perfect scenery.

Cambridge Downs Heritage Display Centre

Cambridge Downs Heritage Display Centre was opened in Richmond in May 2009. It is a stone building used as a display centre to showcase local history, cultures and practices, and is built on an original 150-year old homestead. This site or its vicinity has seen clashes between the 19th century aboriginal natives and the white men as the latter deliberately sent their cattle to graze near the outpost. This malpractice was seen as an intrusion by the natives who used to oppose it tooth and nail, thus resulting in armed confrontations.

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