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Rambla is a 10 miles long walkway separating the city from the sea. One can walk here and enjoy scenic landscape and take a break from the city. Sunset and sunrise views are simply beautiful from Rambla. Also, one can spark up conversation with locals here and can know more about the local culture.

Teatro Solis

One of the most important theaters in Uruguay, Teatro Solis is the second-biggest theater in South America. There is a seating facility for 1,500 people in the main hall of the theater. This hall is used for performances of operas, and is also used for organizing events and concerts.

Museum of Fine Arts

Opened in 1930, Museum of Fine Arts is dedicated to the famous Uruguayan artist Juan Manuel Blanes. The building of this museum is the remnant of the classic Italian villas designed in Renaissance style. The museum exhibits paintings made by Blanes. In addition, Museum of Fine Arts also showcases works of other national and international artists. There is a Japanese garden in the museum premises.

Fortaleza Del Cerro

Located on the highest mountain in the city, Fortaleza Del Cerro was constructed in the 19th century in order to shield the population and the port. At present, Fortaleza Del Cerro is a renowned tourist attraction where visitors come to enjoy view over the city and to know more about the history of Montevideo.

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