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National Hall

One of the most significant buildings in the city, National Hall is the place where the presidents of Liberia are sworn. The structure is also a home to a number of copies of the Declaration of Independence. National Hall also acts as the burial site of former long time president William Tubman.

Liberia National Museum

Located in a former legislature building, Liberia National Museum is an apt place to visit for history buffs. The collection of the museum was depleted in the war years in Liberia, though, now, after the renovations, this museum puts on show the photo and art exhibitions as well as historical and ethnic exhibits. The items on display in this museum also include founding father Jenkin Robert's dining table, which was a gift from England's Queen Victoria.

Masonic Temple

Counted among the oldest buildings in Monrovia, Masonic Temple was built around the period when the former ex-Caribbean slaves arrived here. This ancient temple has a great historical importance and during the civil war in Liberia, it served as a refugee center.

Silver Beach

An excellent place to enjoy nature's beauty and quality time with family and friends, Silver Beach is an easily accessible beach. This beach is home to an excellent snack joint. Silver Beach is located at a distance of about 15 kilometers from the city of Monrovia.