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Marche des Feticheurs

A must-see tourist site in Lome, Marche des Feticheurs is located at a distance of around 4 kilometers from the city center. It is a market that is easily accessible by taxi. In this market, visitors can buy traditional tonics and unusual items such as serpent heads, warthog teeth, parakeet tails, chameleons, porcupine skins, horse hairs, thunderstones, donkey skulls, and more. One can also shop from a wide range of ready-made charms from all over Africa.

Lome Beach

One of the best beaches in Togo, Lome Beach is an excellent place to relax and enjoy nature's beauty. At the beach, cool ocean breeze make the atmosphere pleasant for visitors. One can also enjoy snacks, chilled fruity drinks, and can also buy souvenirs from the vendors at seaside stalls.

Robinson-Plage Beach

Another beautiful beach in Lome, Robinson-Plage Beach is located just east of the city. It is a well-liked spot for locals and visitors alike. Robinson-Plage Beach is one of the best places for swimming in the region.

Aneho Beach

Located near the eastern border of Togo, Aneho Beach is worth a visit for travelers in Lome. This beach is outlined by rocky outcroppings. Waves are very strong at the beach and thus one should not try swimming in its waters. The coastline of Aneho Beach is marked with imposing colonial-era houses and colorful plantation.