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Leon Metropolitan Park

The Leon Metropolitan Park is an ecological and recreational park situated in the downtown Leon. The park serves as a habitat for migratory birds. Most of its area has been occupied by El Palote dam. Here visitors can indulge in boating and can grab the opportunity to explore the ruins which have been flooded by the dam's water. Available here are tracks allowing one to enjoy activities like biking and cycling while enjoying the nature.

Explora Science Center

The Explora Science Center is one of the most iconic museums and science centers situated in the city of Leon, Mexico. The center not only fascinates children but also adults. The prominent features of the Science Center include nearly 275 exhibits, courtyards, and a park showcasing additional 24 exhibits. You will also find here one of the largest IMAX screens in Latin America within the Leonardo Da Vinci Theater.

Expiatory Temple

The Expiatory Temple is a beautiful temple which was constructed in an imposing Neo-Gothic architectural style. The stained glass windows of the temple are not only magnificent but also its important feature. Though construction began in 1920, it was temporarily stopped during the Cristero War, when only 80% of the original project was completed. Christian authorities and thousands of faithful Leon citizens helped with its construction, providing foundation stones for the walls and altars.

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