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Grand Anse Beach

Grenada’s most famous beach, Grand Anse Beach is the most perfect descriptions of a typical Caribbean beach. This 2-mile long arc comprises golden sand and turquoise waters across a stunning mountainous backdrop. It is dotted with several coconut palm trees and is a perpetual delight for thousands of visitors every year who come here to swim, play, enjoy Caribbean music or to simply bask in the characteristic Caribbean sunlight. This beach also has a large number of hotels, restaurants and food joints that serve a range of delicious seafood to visitors.

Grenada National Museum

The Grenada National Museum is located in St. George's, Grenada. It is housed in a building that initially served as a French barrack, later became a prison to incarcerate female inmates and later was transformation into the island country’s first hotel. In 1976, the building was converted into a museum with a focus on slavery, island’s first inhabitants, plantation economy, transport system and technology. Some of the most famous artifacts depicted in the Grenada National Museum include Josephine Bonaparte’s (Napoleon’s wife) marble bath tub, pottery finds of the Amerindians, petroglyphs of native fauna and the first telegraph line installed in the city in 1871.

Fort Frederick

Fort Frederick is Grenada’s most preserved defensive structure. It stands triumphantly over the Richmond Hill and offers a panoramic view of the city below and the sea further ahead. Its construction was started by the French in 1779 and was completed by the British in 1791.

Molinere Underwater Sculpture Park

The Molinere Underwater Sculpture Park is an underwater gallery and world's first underwater sculpture park located in the Caribbean Sea off the west coast of Grenada. The Molinere Underwater Sculpture Park consists of more than 65 concrete figures on the ocean floor that weigh around 15 tons. Some of the most famous sculptor pieces here include ‘The Lost Correspondent’ that relates to man working on a typewriter and is struck by an erupted volcano, and ‘Vicissitudes’ that consist of a ring of 26 children that are holding hands together.

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