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Book cheap Galapagos Island car rentals and enjoy the freedom to roam! Envision driving along a winding road, windows rolled down, leisurely passing scenic areas or popular attractions in comfortable rental cars in Galapagos Island. Take the road less traveled, and discover more about the city surroundings using car rentals in Galapagos Island!

Bahía Tortuga (or Turtle Bay)

Bahia Tortuga or Turtle Bay is the numero uno attraction in Galapagos Islands. It has a miles long arc of white sandy beach touching blue waters of Pacific Ocean. Visitors can swim or sunbathe, but it’s the Galapagos' marine turtles that steal the thunder here. These turtles lay their eggs and bury them in sand during November and February, and the fun starts when these hatchlings dot the larger part of beach in June and July. There is no better site on the island at this point of time as that of watching these harmless little animals running towards the ocean at the best speed they can muster.

Lava Tunnels

Lava Tunnels are a series of several remarkable underground tunnels near Santa Rosa village in Galapagos Islands. These tunnels are now illuminated with artificial lighting but visitors are nevertheless advised to bring their torches.

El Chato Tortoise Reserve

El Chato Tortoise Reserve is a famous national park and protected natural range in Galapagos Island. This reserve is also home to short-eared owls and a selected range of native species like yellow warblers, paint-billed crakes, Darwin finch and Galapagos rails. El Chato Tortoise Reserve is guarded round the clock by rangers who create fortifications to deter all incoming poachers and predators at bay so that the delicate ecological balance is sustained.

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