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Foroya Fornminnissavn (or Historical Museum)

Faroe Island’s premier highlight, Foroya Fornminnissavn (or Historical Museum in English) is beautifully situated 1.86 miles away from central Torshavn. There is a treasure room in Foroya Fornminnissavn, which houses famous carving in the country like - the Virgin Mary meeting Elisabeth (the mother of John the Baptist). Also of note is a nearly 100-year old farmstead that has a bell telephone, a clock and turf-roofed outhouses.

Listasavn Foroya (or National Gallery of the Faroe Islands)

Listasavn Foroya (also known as National Gallery of the Faroe Islands in English) is an art museum in Torshavn, the capital of Faroe Islands. It was established in 1989 and is best known for its remarkable display of Faroese arts. Listasavn Foroya attracts several visitors every year for its nearly 50-year old art gallery called Listaskali. There is another gallery that displays historic arts.

Kirkjuboargardur (or King’s Farm)

Kirkjuboargardur literally implies ‘Yard of Kirkjubour’ or ‘the King's Farm’ in English. It is one of the world’s oldest wooden houses dating back to 11th century. This wooden structure has also kept the distinction of being the largest farm in the Faroe Islands for centuries now. Kirkjuboargardur is hallmarked by two rooms called Roykstova (reek parlor) and Loftstovan (loft room). The former is the oldest part of the farmhouse and the latter is where the earliest document of Faroe Island, called the ‘Sheep Letter,’ was written in 1298 AD.

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