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Silicon Hill

Located in proximity to the Nkalagu campus of the Enugu State University of Science and Technology, Silicon Hill boasts a highly important mineral deposit called silicon. This hill has an altitude of more than 300 meters above the sea level and almost half a kilometer long stretch boasts strong silica, which is an important raw material used for the manufacturing of glasses. For tourists, the surrounding environment of Silicon Hill is very enchanting with beautiful valleys, hills, and plains that are wonderfully wrapped up making view worth enjoying and admiring.

Ngwo Cave and Waterfall

Ngwo Cave and Waterfall, located at Ngwo Pine Forest, is positioned at the site where a heavy waterfall comes down from over-headed limestone rocks. This waterfall, before flowing out as a stream into the forest, creates a shallow pool at the floor of the cave. Other than this waterfall, there are scores of caves that are tucked away into the rock. Tourists can explore some of these caves by climbing while others are easily accessible.

Ani Ozalla Lake

Located close to Ozalla, Ani Ozalla Lake is a beautiful natural water body. The lake is home to a plethora of crocodiles regarded as sacred incarnations of the river goddess. As per the local belief, the river goddess, at the promptings of the chief priest, come in form of these crocodiles to accept the offerings from supplicants.

The Ugwueme and Udi Hills

Hills excellent for mountaineering activities and several other landscaping purposes, the Ugwueme and Udi Hills feature underneath the coal mines where coal mining was done for exporting. Travelers can also climb into a number of tunnels in order to know about what natural coal mining is all about.

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