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Museum of Asian Art of Corfu

The Museum of Asian Art of Corfu (opened in 1927) is the only museum in Greece dedicated to Asian arts. It is located in the city of Corfu and predominantly consists of a remarkable collection of Chinese, Japanese and Indian arts. It wows its visitors with its almost 11000 objects of Asian origin and the oldest of them dates back to 11th century BC. Some highlights here include artifacts related to Alexander the Great’s invasion of India, Graeco-Buddhist figures, Indian bronze sculptures and several plus wood carvings in addition to a Japanese Samurai armor beside some decorated furniture of British colonial period.

Old Fortress

The Old Fortress of Corfu is a mid-16th century fortress in Corfu. It is built over a former Byzantine fortification and is separated from the rest of the city by a moat that doubles up as a sea channel connecting the Gulf of Kerkyra to the north with the Bay of Garitsa to the south. The Old Fortress was focally responsible for resisting and repulsing three major Ottoman sieges during 1537 and 1716. This fortification is now home to the Public Library of Corfu, the Hellenic Music Research Lab of the Ionian University, a 19th century church (built as a Doric temple) and a lighthouse.

New Fortress

The New Fortress of Corfu is a Venetian fortress built on the hill of St. Mark in Corfu. It was built in 1577 by the Venetians to safeguard their city from Turkish invaders. The New Fortress is best known for its twin bastions, one of which is called ‘Bastion of the Seven Winds,’ which offers a panoramic view of the sea and the mountains beyond. The other bastion is a pentagonal shaped assembly that was built by the British to serve as a military barrack that now plays host to several art exhibits and collections. The New Fortress is topped with a stone building that serves as the headquarters of the Naval Station of Corfu.

Saint Spyridon Church

Built during the last quarter of 16th century, the Saint Spyridon Church is a Greek Orthodox church in Corfu. It houses the relics of Saint Spyridon that were brought to the city by a Greek monk in 1489. The Saint Spyridon Church is hallmarked by its red-domed bell tower, which is the highest in the Ionian Islands. Stepping inside this historic church leads to an ornate silver sarcophagus that encloses the remains of St. Spyridon. The local inhabitants hold the Saint in high esteem and the silver sarcophagus containing the saint’s remains is taken out in the city to mark important religious occasions.

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