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Kolner Dom (or Cologne Cathedral)

The Cologne Cathedral is a proud signature of German Catholicism and Gothic architecture in the city of Cologne. It is the largest Gothic church in northern Europe, has the largest façade for any church in the world and its choir has the largest height to width ratio among all medieval churches. Cologne Cathedral construction had started in started in 1248, completed in 1880, was devastated in Second World War and had to be rebuilt subsequently until 2005, thus earning it the title of ‘the Eternal Construction Site.’ It houses the Shrine of the Three Kings or the relics of the Three Magi. The cathedral is also known for its 19th century stained glass windows, especially the ones (called Bayernfenster) located on the southern side were gifted by Ludwig I of Bavaria.

Römisch-Germanisches Museum (or Roman-Germanic Museum)

The Roman-Germanic Museum is an archaeological museum located in the German city of Cologne. It is home to a large collection of Roman artifacts dating back to 50 AD, and is focally known for a primitive Roman town house, the ruins of a large Dionysus mosaic and an old Roman road outside. This museum is also home to the world's largest collection of glass pieces from the Roman Period, collected from burials and personal belongings of the residents then.

Museum Ludwig

Museum Ludwig is home to one of the largest European collections of Picasso and a superb range of modern artworks in Cologne. This museum is chock-full of some of the world’s best artworks in Pop Art, Abstract, German expressionism and Surrealism. Also of note here are some timeless classics painted by Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein. One can also pay a visit to Museum Ludwig’s photography section where a large number of classic photographs by Gursky and Tillmanns are displayed.

12 Romanesque Churches

The axis of Cologne’s religious and cultural identity passes through its 12 Romanesque churches. Some of these famous churches are St. Kunibert (it has superb stained glass windows of 13th century), St. Severin, St. Maria Lyskirchen, St. Andreas (with 14th century frescoes and a 10th century crypt), and St. Gereon (a Roman martyr who died in 350 AD). These churches were first made between 4th and mid-13th centuries through a repeated series of alterations, but most of them were almost destroyed during the Second World War and had to be rebuilt.

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