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Parque Maritimo del Mediterraneo

The Parque Maritimo del Mediterraneo is a water park in Ceuta, at the border of Spain and Morocco. It is directly fed by the sea through 3 artificial salt water lakes. This water park is a surefire hit among the masses during the summer season. Other attractions at the Parque Maritimo del Mediterraneo include gardens, waterfalls, stages for theatrical presentations and concerts besides a few bars, restaurants, a casino, and a nightclub.

Casa de los Dragones (or House of the Dragons in English)

Ceuta’s Casa de los Dragones is a trademark example of early 20th century eclectic architecture. Built in 1905, it was designed by Spanish architect Jose M. Cortina Perez from an artificial stone and had beautified the castle’s roof with bronze dragons. The dragons were subsequently replaced by four new dragons made of resin and fiberglass in 1925. Casa de los Dragones today stands as a delightful sum of its eclectic architecture, yellow and brown façade, designer balconies and those four trademark dragons than can be seen from two blocks away.

Murallas Reales de Ceuta (or The Royal Walls of Ceuta in English)

Murallas Reales de Ceuta (or The Royal Walls of Ceuta) are centuries old lines of largely intact fortification in Ceuta. There are three parts of the Royal Walls - two large bastions at each end of the wall and a smaller bastion at the northern end, and the trio is protected by a channel fed by the Mediterranean Sea. In the 5th century, Ceuta was secured by a fortification that was later used by the naval forces of Roman Empire. This fortification was subsequently expanded by various ruling powers in the city over the centuries.

Museo de la Basilica Tardorromana

Discovered during 1980s, Museo de la Basilica Tardorromana is an underground museum in Ceuta. It is built like a typical 4th century Roman basilica and is home to a large number of archeological excavations running through the history of the city since the advent of Christianity and Islam in Spain. Some other highlights here include a 700-year old timber and marble carvings, remnants of Roman-era fish-salting factories and an ancient Roman tomb that together attract a large number of visitors every year.

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