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Town Hall

Built in 1832, the Town Hall is a classic signature of Victorian architecture in the British city of Birmingham. It was built to look like a Roman temple and stands as a picture-perfect assembly of 40 ornate Corinthian columns. The Town Hall is the axis of Birmingham’s extensive musical culture, a proud heritage that dates back to 1847. Its Symphony Hall, home to the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra, is popular among all top-listed singers for its state of the art mix of acoustics and auditorium. The Town Hall is flanked by two memorials, one dedicated to Queen Victoria and another to the inventor of steam engine- James Watt.

Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery

The Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery is a gold standard among all British museums and art galleries outside London. Its art gallery showcases a noteworthy collection of 200 to 400-year old artworks and sculptures, while its museum contains several artifacts related to the city’s history and archaeological finds dating back to the Stone Age.

Thinktank, Birmingham Science Museum

Birmingham Science Museum is an award-winning museum famous for its interactive science exhibits and Second World War exhibits in Birmingham. Central to its fame is a collection of steam-powered locomotives and tractors that have played an important part in determining the city’s rich industrial heritage. Visitors are more than just wowed by the museum’s planetarium (called Thinktank Planetarium) and some of its famous exhibits like Britain’s indigenous Second World War aircraft (called the Spitfire), world’s oldest working engine built by James Watt in 1779 (Smethwick Engine) and the world's first heavy electrical machine (called Woolrich Generator).

Birmingham Botanical Gardens

The Birmingham Botanical Gardens are one of the very few gardens in the world that have kept their original design almost constant ever since they were first designed. Spread across 15 acres and opened to the public in 1832, the gardens feature 4 glasshouses (Tropical, Subtropical, Mediterranean and Arid) housing over 7000 different plants. Some of the major highlights here are a 250-year-old Omiya tree (Juniperus chinensis), and 2 Himalayan Cedars (they were raised from seeds given by the son of James Watt in mid-19th century).

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