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Opera House

Completed in 1920, Opera House is one of the most elegant 20th century buildings of Asmara. At this theater, one can hang around and soak up over a coffee at resident cafe. Though there is no longer a resident opera company in the city, visitors can catch an international football match projected onto the backdrop of stage on weekends.

Tank Graveyard

Tank Graveyard is the place that serves as a place to put the ruins of military vehicles from all around the country since heavy fighting ended in Eritrea. This junkyard gives the reflection of damage done during the period of fighting. In the shipping containers, there are several families living today. In order to enter these containers, one has to take permit from the Tourist Information Center. However, wandering at Tank Graveyard doesn't need any permit.

Medebar Market

Medebar Market is a massive market place in Asmara. On its northeast, there is an open-air workshop where almost everything is recycled, for example, corrugated iron is made into metal buckets, old tires are made into buckets, and olive tins are are made into tiny scoopers and coffee pots. The southeastern section of Medebar Market is dedicated to preparing and grinding of spices.

Fiat Tagliero Building

One of the most remarkable Italian era buildings in the city, Fiat Tagliero Building is a former petrol station built in late 1930s. This structure resembles an airplane. Fiat Tagliero Building is located on the northwestern side of the large intersection at Sematat and Mereb St. This building is the most photographed structure in Asmara.

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