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Jebel Hafeet

Jebel Hafeet is the second tallest mountain in the United Arab Emirates. It measures nearly 4430 feet and is situated around 40 minutes ride away from the city of Al Ain. The foothills of the mountain are connected to the city’s flat terrain on three motorable sides and are hallmarked by a large park (called Green Mubazara Park) and a resort. Jebel Hafeet has three prefixed zones that can be best described as a photographer’s delight because it offers some 360-degree stunning views of the city below. There is also a parking area, a cafeteria and a hotel atop the mountain.

Al Ain National Museum or Al Ain Museum

Al Ain National Museum is the oldest in the UAE. It is located next to the Eastern Fort and close to the largest oasis in the city called the Al Ain Oasis. Opened to public in 1971, this national museum is home to a remarkable display of artifacts related to the history and culture of the city of Al Ain and the UAE. Al Ain National Museum features ethnographic section (that depicts the everyday life and appearance of the local people) and archaeological section (that features several artifacts related to the Bronze Age and Iron Age, plus a superb collection of old coins).

Al Ain Zoo

Spread across 400-hectares in the foothills of the Jebel Hafeet Mountains, the Al Ain Zoo is the only place in the city to find the nearly extinct white lions and scores of Arabian animals. This zoo is known for its research and breeding facilities for endangered native animals. Almost 30 per cent of the animals found here are in the endangered list. Another major attraction in the zoo is the Al Ain Safari, which is a nearly 220 hectare protected zone consisting of several native African and Arabian Gulf animals in a natural environment.

Al Ain Oasis

Al Ain Oasis is the largest oasis in the city of Al Ain. It is located in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. The iconic oasis, flanked by Al Ain National Museum and Al Ain Palace Museum is home to a large number of date palm trees spread amidst a beautiful sprawl of greenery. The oasis wows thousands of visitors every year who come here in search of some respite from high temperatures and to admire the city’s nearly 3000-year old underground irrigation system called ‘Falaj’ that is used to water these trees.

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