TSA has recently revised its policies and procedures, allowing passengers to carry toiletries along with their carry-on baggage. According to new regulations, travelers are allowed to carry on 3.4 ounce (100ml) in a single, quart-size, zip-top, clear plastic bag. Travelers are not permitted to use any other bag like a gallon size or a fold-over sandwich bag. For security concerns, travelers are required to get their toiletry kit scanned at the security check conveyor belt separately. The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has specified a list of items that can be carried in a carry-on and checked baggage.

All food items should be wrapped and unpeeled, excluding natural food items. All food items should pass through the X-ray machine. Beverages purchased in the secured boarding area can be brought onboard. There’s no restriction on the amount of baby formula, milk, and medicines. But, make sure to declare them at the checkpoint.

For more Information on Transport Security Administration (TSA), Click Here

Sharp Objects

  • List ItemCarry-on BagsChecked Bags
  • Razor Blades including utility knives and box cuttersNoYes
  • Ice Axes/Ice PicksNoYes
  • Knives (excluding plastic or round bladed butter knives)NoYes
  • SwordsNoYes
  • Box CuttersNoYes
  • SabersNoYes
  • Metal Scissors with pointed tips and blades shorter than four inchesYesYes
  • Meat CleaversNoYes
  • Safety Razor with Blades (allowed without Blade)NoYes
  • ScissorsNoYes
  • Note: Make sure to properly pack and seal sharp objects to avoid a mishappening.

Guns and Firearms

  • List ItemCarry-on BagsChecked Bags
  • Ammunition (Contact the respective airline to check with them about the terms and conditions for ammunition to be carried under checked baggage. If airline allows carrying ammunition under checked baggage, it should be declared at the check-in counter. Small arms and ammunitions, if allowed by the airline, should be sheathed in fiber, wood or metal boxes or other packaging exclusively designed for small arms and ammunitions.)NoYes
  • BB gunsNoYes
  • FlaresNoNo
  • Flare Guns
    MUST be unloaded
    Packed in a locked hard-sided container
    MUST be declared at the airline Check-in desk
  • Pellet GunsNoYes
  • Realistic Replicas of FirearmsNoYes
  • Parts of Guns and FirearmsNoYes
  • Gun PowderNoNo
  • Gun Lighters NoYes
  • Starter PistolsNoYes
  • Firearms (Make sure that Firearms carried as checked baggage must be unloaded, packed in a locked hard-sided container, and declared to the airline at check-in.)NoYes
  • Note: Confirm with the airline if firearms are permitted in checked baggage, and is there any limitation or fee applicable.

Explosives/Flammable Materials

  • List ItemCarry-on BagsChecked Bags
  • Hand GrenadesNoNo
  • FlaresNoNo
  • FireworksNoNo
  • DynamiteNoNo
  • Blasting CapsNoNo
  • Realistic Replicas of ExplosivesNoNo
  • Aerosol (Barring personal care or toiletries in limited quantities)NoNo
  • Fuels (including cooking fuels and any flammable liquid fuel)NoNo
  • GasolineNoNo
  • Gas TorchesNoNo
  • Lighter FluidNoNo
  • Common Lighters - Lighters with fuel are prohibited in checked baggage. However, if they are properly enclosed in a DOT approved case), they can be included in the checked baggage. If not sure about its DOT adherence, it’s recommended to exclude them completely Torch Lighters (used to light cigars and pipes)YesNo
  • Torch LightersNoNo
  • Strike-anywhere MatchesNoNo
  • Flammable PaintsNoNo
  • Turpentine and Paint ThinnerNoNo
  • Plastic ExplosivesNoNo
  • Cholorine for Pools & SpasNoNo
  • Electronic Cigarettes and Vaping Devices YesNo
  • Fire Extinguishers and Other Compressed Gas CylindersNoNo
  • Flamable Liquid, Gel, or Aerosol PaintNoNo
  • Gel –Type CandlesNoYes
  • Liquid BleachNoNo
  • Non-Flammable Liquid, Gel, or Aerosol
    (Up to 3.4 oz./100.55 ml or less that fit in one, clear, plastic, quart-sized, resealable bag)
  • Non-Flammable Liquid, Gel, or Aerosol
    (More than 3.4 oz./100.55 ml)
  • Recreational OxygenNoNo
  • Safety MatchesYesNo
  • Small Compressed Gas CartridgesYesYes
  • Spillable BatteriesNoNo
  • Spray PaintNoNo
  • Tear GasNoNo
  • Vehicle AirbagsNoNo
  • Note: Visit www.faa.gov to know more about other dangerous materials regulated by the FAA.


  • List ItemCarry-on BagsChecked Bags
  • Oils and VinegarsLess than 3.4 oz / 100ml allowed.Yes
  • Pies and CakesYesYes
  • Salad DressingLess than 3.4 oz / 100 ml allowed.Yes
  • Jam and JellyLess than 3.4 oz / 100 ml allowed.Yes
  • Maple Syrup Less than 3.4 oz / 100 ml allowed.Yes
  • Salsa and Sauces Less than 3.4 oz / 100 ml allowed.Yes
  • Soups Less than 3.4 oz / 100 ml allowed.Yes
  • Yogurt Less than 3.4 oz / 100 ml allowed.Yes
  • AlcoholLess than 3.4 oz / 100 ml allowed.Yes
  • Creamy Dips and SpreadsLess than 3.4 oz / 100 ml allowed.Yes
  • Fresh Whole Fruits YesYes
  • Gravy Less than 3.4 oz / 100 ml allowed.Yes

Sporting Goods

  • List ItemCarry-on BagsChecked Bags
  • Cricket BatsNoYes
  • Ski PolesNoYes
  • Pool CuesNoYes
  • Golf ClubsNoYes
  • Spear GunsNoYes
  • Skates(Including ice skates and rollerblades.)YesYes
  • Bows and ArrowsNoYes
  • Baseball BatsNoYes
  • Hockey SticksNoYes
  • Lacrosse SticksNoYes
  • Note:Find out from the airline you are flying with if they allow crematory remains as a checked baggage.


  • List ItemCarry-on BagsChecked Bags
  • Saws (including cordless portable power saws)NoYes
  • Wrenches and Pliers (seven inches or less in length)YesYes
  • Screwdrivers (seven inches or less in length)YesYes
  • Tools (seven inches or less in length)YesYes
  • CrowbarsNoYes
  • Drills and drill bits (including cordless portable power drills)NoYes
  • Axes and HatchetsNoYes
  • HammersNoYes
  • Cattle ProdsNoYes
  • Note: Make sure to pack and seal sharp objects property. It’s important for the safety concerns.

Martial Arts/Self Defense Items

  • List ItemCarry-on BagsChecked Bags
  • Stun Guns/Shocking DevicesNoYes
  • Brass KnucklesNoYes
  • Night SticksNoYes
  • Self Defense Sprays
    One 4 ounce (118ml) container of mace or pepper spray is permitted in checked baggage only if it is equipped with a safety mechanism to prevent accidental discharge. Self Defense Sprays with more than 2% by mass of Tear Gas are prohibited in Checked Baggage.
  • Billy ClubsNoYes
  • Black JacksNoYes
  • NunchakusNoYes
  • KubatonsNoYes
  • Throwing StarsNoYes
  • Martial Arts WeaponsNoYes

Other Items

  • List ItemCarry-on BagsChecked Bags
  • Photographic Equipment (up to airline’s discretion)YesYes
  • GasolineNoYes
  • Fishing Rods (Confirm with the airline about the size limitations)YesYes
  • Spear GunsNoYes
  • Musical Instruments (up to airline’s discretion) YesYes
  • Service Animals YesYes
  • Aerosols Insecticides YesYes
  • Snow globes and like decorations regardless of size or amount of liquid inside, even with documentation.YesYes
  • Gel shoe inserts - Gel shoe inserts are not permitted, but shoes constructed with gel heels are allowed and must be removed and screened. NoYes
  • Non-flammable liquid, gel, or aerosol paint Yes - 3.4 ounces (100ml) or smaller containerYes
  • Flammable liquid, gel, or aerosol paint NoNo
  • Knitting Needles YesYes
  • Circular thread cuttersNoYes
  • Note: For more Information on Transport Security Administration (TSA) Click Here