1,000 points = $5 reward

Start off with 500 points as a new member. Earn 500 more on your first booking

Here’s how it works


Earn points on your bookings across our travel brands


Redeem your earned points instantly on your bookings while you’re signed in


Get closer to a higher ClubMiles tier with each completed trip and unlock more benefits.

Unlock rewards as you move to a higher tier

Unlock Rewards
How to get to a higher tier Sign Up 1 booking 2 bookings 3 or more bookings
Earn points per dollar spent 1 point 2 points 3 points
Earn points for referring a friend 5,000 points 6,000 points 8,000 points 10,000 points
24h free cancellation on flights
Flight Watcher
Earn 2X points on CheapOair app

Unlock ClubMiles member benefits

Earn and redeem points across our travel brands

Become a member across all our brands!
Combine your points earned on CheapOair, CheapOair.ca, and OneTravel brands

Enjoy more benefits

7X Points

Earn 7X points on the Onetravel Credit Card

Earn 7x the points when you book using the OneTravel Credit card

Earn 2X points on OneTravel app

Book on our apps (iOS & Android) to double your points.

2X Points

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is ClubMiles?

ClubMiles is a new brand for rewards programs across brands – CheapOair, OneTravel and CheapOair.ca.

What are the benefits of enrolling in ClubMiles?

With ClubMiles, you can earn and redeem points across our travel brands. If you are a ClubMiles member on more than one brand (with the same email ID) then your points get combined across our brands.

Does it cost anything to enroll in ClubMiles?

No! There are no charges to sign up for ClubMiles or to redeem points.

What are the tiers in ClubMiles and what do they mean?

These are the four tiers in ClubMiles, with easy ways to climb higher

  • Bronze - Just sign up and get 500 points
  • Silver – Make one qualifying purchase on the applicable brand
  • Gold – Make two qualifying purchases on the applicable brand
  • Platinum – Make three or more qualifying purchases on the applicable brand

How do I earn points with ClubMiles?

It's simple! To earn points, all you need to do is book as you normally would, and we’ll reward you for it! At Silver tier and higher, earn points for every dollar you spend on flight, hotel, and car rental bookings. Your points multiply depending on your tier, as follows:

  • Bronze and Silver: No multiplier
  • Gold: Double points on every dollar spent
  • Platinum: Triple points on every dollar spent
  • Also, remember you can earn 2x points if you book through the app and 7x points if you book using a CheapOair credit card.

What are some more ways to earn bonus points?

Ways to earn more bonus points are by: -

  • Signing up – 500 points
  • For your first booking after signing up – 500 points
  • Creating a fare alert – 500 points
  • Sharing a deal on Facebook – 500 points
  • Completing your profile – 600 points
  • Referring a friend – bonus points vary on the tier you belong to!

Will I earn ClubMiles points if I make my booking on a mobile app?

Yes! Just book as you normally would, and you'll earn points. In fact, booking through the app can get you double the points you normally would when you book through our desktop site.

Can I view the bookings of all brands in one place?

No, bookings can only be viewed on their respective brand websites.

Would I have the same tier across the brands?

No, ClubMiles tiers are brand specific. Your tier gets upgraded based on the number of bookings you have made with a particular brand.

Where can I check my ClubMiles points?

Visit the "My Rewards" tab in the "Account" section on the website of the applicable brands to see the total number of points you have earned.

Do ClubMiles points expire?

Points earned on a specific brand expire if no booking is made in a period of two years on that brand.

Can I purchase ClubMiles points?

No, ClubMiles are not available for purchase.

When will my ClubMiles points be added to my account?

ClubMiles will attempt to credit your Account with the awarded Points on a timely basis, usually thirty (30) days after the booked travel was completed.

Can I buy a gift card from one brand and use it for another brand?

No, if you purchase a gift card on one of our brands, you can redeem the gift card on that same brand.

Where and how can I redeem my ClubMiles points?

You can use your points automatically to get a discount on our service fees and the fee portion of some ancillaries or redeem points on a CheapOair e-gift card to buy flights on CheapOair.com when you are signed into your CheapOair account. You must have a minimum of 1000 ClubMiles points to use instant redemption.

Will my ClubMiles points be combined if I have an account on more than one brand with a different email ID?

No, your points will only be combined when you’ve signed up for ClubMiles on more than one brand website with the same email ID.

When does my tier status change and expire?

Tiers are brand specific. With each successive booking on a brand’s website, your tier status will change. Your tier status will expire 1 year from your latest booking date for the respective brand.

I earned a gift card through redeeming my points. Can I still use it for my bookings?

Yes, your gift card is usable on the brand you redeemed it through.

Will I still earn points if I cancel my booking?

No, if you cancel a booking, you will not be able to earn points on that booking.

Is there a limit to the number of ClubMiles points I can earn annually?

No, there is no limit to the number of ClubMiles points you can earn.

Can I earn points when I book travel on someone else’s behalf?

You can earn points when booking travel for others, even if you don’t travel with them. Just make sure you are signed into your own ClubMiles account.

Can I still earn points through my frequent flyer program if I enroll in ClubMiles?

Yes, you'll continue to accrue points and/or miles through any frequent flyer program that you’re currently enrolled in, in addition to earning points through ClubMiles. You must enter the ID of your frequent flyer program in the appropriate field in the “My Information” tab of the ClubMiles page or enter the ID in the payment page of a booking under "additional details" section.

Can I earn points on a trip I’ve already completed?

No, points can only be earned for bookings made after enrolling in ClubMiles program.

Can I redeem all my ClubMiles points at the same time?

Sure! Once you’ve earned them, you can redeem them however you want.

Can I redeem my ClubMiles points for cash?

ClubMiles points cannot be redeemed for cash.

Do I have to make a booking before I can sign up for ClubMiles?

You can sign up for ClubMiles on a specific brand any time. You can earn ClubMiles points based on bookings made on that brand.

Will I lose points I earned before on CheapOair or OneTravel with ClubMiles?

No, you won’t lose points (if they aren’t expired based on your booking history on a specific brand). In fact, if you are ClubMiles member on more than one travel brand, your points will be combined across brands.

How many points will I get on a successful referral?

You receive points based on your tier status when your friend completes their first booking. You can submit up to 10 referrals. The following are rewards based on tier status:

  • Bronze: 5,000 points
  • Silver: 6,000 points
  • Gold: 8,000 points
  • Platinum: 10,000 points
  • Plus, your friend will get 5,000 points.