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Where to See Gators in Florida

Although not as big and powerful as their crocodile counterparts, alligators still have a strong presence as a majestic yet frightening species. They also happen to be a popular tourist attraction, believe it or not.

When it comes to searching for gators, the first location in the US that comes to mind is Florida.

If you’re keen to do some alligator hunting on your travels, then the swampy Florida lowlands are definitely where to go.

Everglades National Park:  The Everglades National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site in the south of Florida that nearly a million people each year visit.

Hundreds of different animal species call the Everglades home (some endangered), and one of those would be the alligator. Now the interesting part of this is that you could run into these gators out in the wild, so don’t bring a pet with you.  It will put your animal and yourself in danger.

Everglades Alligator Farm:  If the idea of being out in the wild scares you, why not check out a more tour-focused and enclosed space with gators.  The Everglades Alligator Farm in Homestead, Florida offers snake shows, alligator shows, alligator feedings and the iconic airboat rides.

Gatorland:  After flying into Orlando, the quickest way to see some gators would be to head to Gatorland.  Gatorland is a little bit like an amusement park in the sense that you can zipline across an alligator pit!  For more relaxed adventure, ride on the Gatorland Express train or hang out in the Gator Gully Splash Park.

Gatorama:  Gatorama, located in Palmdale, Florida, is an alligator farm that also does shows (where you can hold a baby gator) and watch them feed.  Each year around late August, they put on a hatchling festival where you can actually experience a gator egg hatching right in your hands!

With the heat and humidity of Florida, it is smart to consider Florida travel earlier or later in the summer months. In other words:  Start planning your trip now! You can do that right here with cheap flights from OneTravel.


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