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Unexpected Ways & Places for You to Celebrate Women’s History Month 2018

Written by Lauren Saccone

It’s March, and you know what that means: It’s Women’s History Month! This month is devoted to celebrating the accomplishments of women across the globe. It’s a time to look back at how far women have come, what they’ve achieved, and how far they still have to go. Women’s History Month is a time of awareness and activism throughout the nation. And what better way to get involved and educated then by joining in? From marches and rallies to museums and exhibits, we have everything you need to celebrate Women’s History Month in ways you never imagined.

The National Archives – Washington, D.C.

If you’re a history buff, the National Archives are the perfect way to dive into the past. The Washington D.C. location provides you with an exhaustively in-depth look at women’s role in American history, complete with historical documents and images to help bring the past to life. As if that’s not enough, the Archives will also be holding a celebration in honor of the 100th anniversary of women gaining the right to vote. All proceeds will go to exhibits and events focused on women’s history, so make sure to swing by if you get the chance!

World War II Home Front National Historical Park – Richmond, California

While it’s a beautiful park, the World War II Home Front National Historical Park just outside of San Francisco has a lot more to offer than mere visuals. It’s also the proud home of the Rosie the Riveter Memorial. Besides being a testament to the countless women who helped in war efforts during World War II, the memorial also provides people who fascinating facts about the real Rosie and the women like her. It’s a unique look at the recent past, and a sobering reminder of those who sacrificed so much for peace.

Nasty Women Of The Metropolitan Museum – New York City

Learn about all the fierce and fabulous women who made their mark in the art world thanks to this very special tour at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The two-hour tour in New York City gives you an unprecedented look at how women have helped shape modern-day art. From the first female pharaoh who was worshiped as a god in paintings and sculptures to the artists that dared to stand out in the male-dominated field, this tour is an inspiring and insightful view of art you’ve never experienced before.

The ‘Hear Us Roar’ Initiative – Oakland, California

Who says sports and empowerment don’t mix? The Golden State Warriors would be sure to disagree; they’re celebrating Women’s History Month with an unprecedented campaign. Known as Hear Us Roar, this initiative will feature some of the incredible women currently at work in the world of basketball. The NBA championship team from Oakland will be hosting a series of events that look at the changing role of women in professional sports throughout the month. The climax of these forums and activities will be on March 27th, when the team celebrates women in sports (and women in the Bay Area in particular) with a night of prizes, giveaways, and all-star basketball entertainment. It’s an amazing experience for the sport’s fan in your life.

Clara Barton National Historic Site – Glen, Echo Maryland

If you haven’t heard of Clara Barton, you’re missing out on a fascinating piece of history — and the story of a truly inspiring woman. While she did everything from work in the educational system to working in the US Patent Office to organizing the distribution of foods and medical supplies to soldiers during the Civil War, she is perhaps best known for founding the American Red Cross. This Women’s History Month you can celebrate her accomplishments by visiting the place where it all began. You can wander through the location, which is about 2 miles away from Washington D.C. that served both as Barton’s home and the birthing place for the American Red Cross. There are tours and intriguing historical facts. Clara Barton remains an inspiring example of how one person can inspire huge change the world around them.

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