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The BEST Bachelor Party Trip Ever!

Written by Chris Osburn

This blog post was updated on May 15, 2020.

Hey there, best man! Are you planning a bachelor party trip for your soon-to-be-wed buddy? From last minute flights to making lasting memories, our handy how-to guide will help you make the occasion memorable and help you make it all about him.

Here’s to the groom – and the epic bash you’ll be hosting for him.

Remember: It’s All About the Dude Who’s About to Get Married


Keep in mind a bachelor party isn’t about you and your pals using your friend’s wedding as an excuse to throw a blowout party nor is it about hazing him or seeing what you can get away with by having him as a scapegoat. It’s about celebrating this moment in the groom’s life and his transition from singleton to husband.

When planning for the trip, always try to bring everything back to what the groom loves and how you can make the moment a special one for him. Sure, you might be dreaming about the ultimate Vegas weekend but he might be more into a golfing getaway in Scottsdale or a Bourbon distillery tour through Kentucky.

Try to get a feel without dropping too much of a reveal by chatting with your friend about potential ideas. Some input from the groom-to-be could go a long way keeping everybody having fun – especially him.

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The Basics

Okay, some of these tips might sound like boring admin stuff but …

Do you have everyone’s phone numbers? Have you made reservations, paid deposits, double-checked availability for all the venues? Get all booking essentials squared away well in advance of the party.



Are you going to be flying and staying overnight for the trip on some last minute flights? It might make sense to book flights, hotels, and other big-ticket items as a group for discounts and to be as organized as possible.

Is it clear what everybody needs to pack? Do you need to arrange transfers to/from airports for everybody with easy-to-find meeting points and timings?

If you’re traveling abroad to popular bachelor party destinations like Amsterdam and Bangkok, is everyone aware they’ll need passports and what sort of weather they should pack for?

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When’s the Big Date?

Be extra careful when setting the date for the party. Having it more than a few days before the wedding would be smart. Check that potential dates don’t clash with birthdays, work schedules or other obligations.

Know the Drill

Who’s paying for what? Be upfront and open with guests about costs so no one feels left out or that some are unfairly paying more than others.

If the trip is a surprise and you need last-minute flights, have all members involved been briefed on what not to divulge?

Who’s Who

With respect to all involved, who’s on the guest list? Might there be a long lost cousin of the groom who absolutely must be invited or someone on the bride’s side expecting to be part of the action but hasn’t been contacted yet? It’s wise to check with a close relative of your friend as well as his fiancée for help deciding whom to invite.

If Things Get Sloppy


Let’s face it, there’s a strong possibility that things might get a little rowdy during a bachelor party, and you might even need some last minute flight outta there. If you don’t want this one winding up like a sequel to The Hangover, save yourself a headache (and some embarrassment) by thinking ahead.

Where’s the groom staying overnight? Will he have someone keeping a watchful eye on him throughout the trip? This man is your number one priority. You have two goals: show him the time of his unmarried life and get him to the church on time.

Do you need to have a designated sober person (a must if driving, obviously)? If over a stretch of more than one night, maybe guests can take turns taking responsibility.

Should you reconvene after the party? Consider making a reservation at a favorite restaurant to have a big late breakfast the morning after the party.

Got any G-rated tales you’d like to share about your own bachelor party? We’d love to read your stories and suggestions on how to throw one to remember.

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