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Summer Cities That Are Great for Seniors

elderly couple holidaying in a US city
Written by Chris Osburn

This blog post was updated on July 18, 2019.

Reaching retirement age doesn’t mean resigning yourself to the rocking chair for the rest of your life! For many, the golden years are their most active and offer a chance to embark upon all those adventures they put on hold while building a career and raising a family when they were younger.

We took a look around the US and found these seven cities to be among the very best for chasing your dreams and enjoying your travels as a senior this summer.

Anchorage, Alaska

two seniors in anchorage alaska

The gateway to wild Alaska and its National Parks and the port of call for some of the world’s best cruise ships, Anchorage tops many a senior’s bucket list. The chance to witness moose, bears, and orcas without even leaving city limits makes the friendly Alaska town the perfect base for marveling at some of the world’s natural wonders and reflecting on the highlights of your own life.

Boulder, Colorado

woman hiking in boulder
If a so-called “senior moment” for you might include horseback riding, whitewater rafting, or mountain hiking and if you also enjoy dining adventures and a touch of urban sophistication, you’ll have big summer fun in Boulder.

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Honolulu, Hawaii

Senior Exercising On A Standup Paddleboard

Aloha! Paradise is real and ready to amaze you in Honolulu. Where else can you take the city bus to a rain forest and be back in town in time for sunset cocktails on the beach? A trip to Honolulu can be as laid back or as adrenaline-fueled as you like. Whether you’re there for the high-class shopping or world-class waves, to enjoy a break with your family or to take a break from them, Honolulu on the Hawaiian island of Oahu is sure to give you what you’re after.

Naples, Florida

Beach Chairs and Umbrellas at a Beach Resort in Naples Florida, USA

Golfing, fine dining, plenty of sunshine, and gorgeous views of the Gulf of Mexico mean Naples is a smart summer getaway whatever your age. But there are especially lots of seniors on flights to Florida to get here; probably because they are so well looked after and catered to with activities and communities geared toward them. Plus, there are loads of senior discounts and special offers for visitors (and even a senior softball league!).

New York City, New York

older couple walking along park path

Despite its reputation as a hyperactive hub, NYC is one of the easiest cities in the US for getting around efficiently without a car and prides itself on its accessibility for all mobility levels. Whatever you’re into, you know it’s in New York – and usually just a short walk, subway journey, or cab ride away. It’s the main reason art lovers, foodies, theatergoers, and fans of urban culture keep coming back for more.

Portland, Oregon

Young woman meditating in nature

Bike-friendly and outdoorsy Portland is a fun city famous for its craft breweries and quirky shopping, not to mention access to beautiful beaches, waterfalls, mountains, forests, and vineyards. Its easygoing attitude is a great reason to visit as well.

Scottsdale, Arizona

Two women following the trail

As popular as Scottsdale is for being a golfing destination, there’s plenty more to see and do in this sunny and scenic Arizona city. Some of America’s top-rated resorts and spas and an especially happening downtown scene for fine dining and sophisticated nightlife ensure you’ll have a great time indoors and outdoors while visiting Scottsdale.

Where’s your favorite city for seniors? We would love to read about it in the comments section below.

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