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How To Pick the Right Luggage in 4 Easy Steps

ow To Pick the Right Luggage in 4 Easy Steps

If you were to step into my basement, you would find a
luggage graveyard, a plot of bags that have fallen, traveled well and ones that
are still making the rounds of the globe. I’m not a luggage collector but
merely someone who has bought bag after bag, making mistakes along the way in
what luggage I actually needed for each trip. In order to avoid having this
graveyard of bad rolling suitcases and duffel bags, I have come up with simple
criteria for every bag I decide to purchase. In case you have dusted off your
luggage to find it isn’t fit for travel anymore or you are in the market for a
new suitcase, keep this guide in mind when trying to pick the right luggage.

Step One: Figure Out
What Travels You’re Going To Take

A common mistake with luggage can begin long before you take
off on your trip. When you shop for your luggage, you have to consider what
kind of travels you plan to take. Business trips usually call for rolling
suitcases, as most surfaces will be smooth and easy to navigate with a suitcase
on wheels. A whirlwind trip through Europe on the other hand might be better
suited for a suitcase like a duffel bag or a backpack. Before you purchase a
bag or even just select one out of your basement, ask yourself where this bag
needs to go. Usually this question will leave you making the decision between a
rolling suitcase, backpack, duffel or rolling duffel.


Step Two: See If It
Measures Up


Even if you have found a bag that you want to bring, you
need to get out your measuring tape. The size of your luggage can create
serious limitation on your travels. If you want to save money by going carry-on
only, your bag should meet the carry-on dimension requirements of your airline.
If you don’t care about carry-on sizes, you can afford to go a bit bigger.

Step Three: Weigh It

Luggage is something that you must lug after all. One of the
worst mistakes that I ever made shopping for luggage is not paying attention to
the bag’s weight when it was empty. Some suitcases are built to be lightweight
while others start out weighing several pounds. If being light on your feet is
important and you don’t want to hoist a heavy bag into the overhead bin, you
have to pay attention to the weight of the bag. A bag that is already heavy
without clothing and personal items is only going to be a pain to lug around
the world when it is full.

Step Four: Compartmentalize

When you are tasked with picking the right luggage, you must
figure out if the bag at hand works with you rather than against you. A bag
that is merely an empty cavern with no rhyme or reason isn’t always the wisest
choice. Luggage should compartmentalize in that it divides up your items in
orderly places. If you are traveling long term, organization is key when
shopping for luggage. Compartments, added features and bonuses should all be
examined first to see if this bag will keep you organized and on your toes as
you travel.

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