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Holiday Airport Research: Four Areas To Know About Your Airport Before Seasonal Flying

You can plan ahead for your flight around the holidays by checking in online the night before, allotting enough time to get to the airport and even going with carry-on baggage to save those precious minutes normally spent tapping toes at baggage claim. However, if you don’t properly research the airports you will be traveling through on the way to your holiday festivities, your seasonal travel days can be nightmares before Christmas. From the number of security checkpoints to the airport amenities, knowing these areas of your airport will help improve the quality of your holiday travels.

Security Checkpoints: During the holidays, missing a flight is every traveler’s nightmare. Sometimes those missed connections are due to a lengthy security line that you didn’t expect. As airports experience higher volumes than they normally do around November and December, you don’t want to be caught in the security line that doesn’t seem to end. Before you leave for your holiday travels, you should research where the security checkpoints are located at the airports you will pass through on your travel day. Some checkpoints can experience higher flows of traffic, as they are the most obvious to travelers unfamiliar with the airport. If you want to avoid a slow up at security, you need to find the checkpoints that the average traveler might not know are there.

Airline Check-in Desks and Gates
: Most travelers unfamiliar with the airports they are connecting or traveling to for the holidays just show up and search for their airline. Around the holidays, you could be wasting time headed in the wrong directions, searching for your airline in all the wrong places. Especially in the case of connecting flights, you should have some idea of where your airline is located in the airport in advance. By knowing where you need to be and when, making those connections or merely not wearing yourself out wandering the airport around the holidays will be welcome when you arrive to friends and family. Almost every airport has an online map where you can gain sense of the terminal and gate layouts along with where your airline is located.

Car Rental Counters: Families headed to their relatives for the holidays might be renting cars so as to not impose on the relatives, at the least smart ones do. Some of us merely book the cheapest car rental we see for our destination. However, not all car rental branches are right at the airport. Before you head for the airport, you might want to research how far away your car rental company is from the airport terminal. Some airports require you to take shuttles to off site locations while others have the desks built right into the airport. If you are returning home on those busy travel days, the time involved to return the car rental can be lengthy, especially at off airport locations. If you understand how to pick up and return your car rental and how to get to and from the airport from these companies, you will stand a better chance of never being short on time for your flights.

Airport Extras: You might have forgotten a gift for Uncle Jim, with the thought that you can just pick something up at the airport. Not all airports have the greatest of amenities and extras. From the shops you can peruse before boarding to the Wi-Fi quality at the gate, you should know what each airport you will pass through has to offer. You might be able to secure a few last minute gifts or occupy the time tying up work loose ends before the holiday chaos ensues.


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