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Flying to Your Campsite? Carry On These Tips.

Flying to Your Campsite? Carry On These Tips.
When was the last time you went camping? It’s been awhile for me too. But I’m hoping to have an adventure or two off the grid this autumn. I’m considering heading out to an outdoor destination that would require taking a flight to reach. Not really any sort of logistical challenge, flying to go camping means a little extra planning ahead. So, I’ve started a list of things to keep in mind for my trips.
How about I share a few points from that checklist with you?
Check Your Sharp Gear
Sure, it might be called a pocketknife – and it’s a key bit of kit for your time in the great outdoors – but while you’re at the airport and in the air make sure it’s a checked in baggage knife. The same goes for any item that has a point or an edge. When in doubt about whether you can carry it on, it’s probably best to leave it out or check it in. You don’t want to delay going through security or have any of that expensive gear confiscated.
Empty Water Bottles
Similarly, you’re going to want to pack a good water bottle for your wilderness experience. Just make sure it’s empty before going through security.
Food and Perishable Items
Is the food you’re planning to take cheaper or better where you live or where you’re planning to camp? Are you hoping to have some perishable items stashed away in your backpack? Think about which makes more sense: buying those things before you go or once you’ve landed at your destination. Rural and non-big city areas probably have lower cost items (if not too touristy) but less selection. Are you traveling somewhere famous for a particular type of food? If, for example, I were to go hiking in the Italian Alps, I would aim to stock up on local sausages, cheeses, bread and more once on the ground there because, I know they would be delicious, fresh, and of the area – and probably cheaper than less yummy goods I would pick up near my home.
End on a Clean Note
If you’re really planning on roughing it and have a flight afterwards, you might want to book a room or a spot at a campground with facilities for your last night before your flight. That way you can clean up with a proper shower, for your and your fellow passengers’ benefit. Packing and organizing your gear might prove easier to do in a room or somewhere. Other options might include looking into shower facilities at the airport – whether public or in an airline’s lounge.

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