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Five Wise Ways to Pass the Time During a Layover

Five Wise Ways to Pass the Time During a Layover, shutterstock:André Klaassen

While taking a trip is typically fun and rewarding, the actual travel part of it can be less so, especially when long layovers are involved. Believe it or not, there can actually be an upside (or several) to having a layover—time is on your side. Here are five wise ways to pass the time when you’re stuck between one destination and another.

1)    Eat a balanced meal. It’s easy to let nutrition slide while traveling, especially when traveling by plane. Use your layover to your body’s advantage by treating yourself to a satisfying, balanced meal. It’s important to treat your body right while traveling. Proper nutrition will help you make the most of your trip. When traveling by plane, be sure to drink extra water and stay away from dehydrating beverages like alcohol. Also, stay away from overly salty, greasy or sugary foods, as they can upset your stomach while you’re in-flight. Take your time, eat slowly, and enjoy your non-airline food.

2)    Read up on your destination. No matter where you are going – from Chicago to Singapore – there’s always something to learn about your destination. Grab a book or magazine dedicated to the place you’ll be visiting. Since you may be tired from traveling, be sure to choose a topic that will hold your interest. For example, if you’re an art buff, read up on museums in your destination city.

3)    Catch up on work/responsibilities. Airport time is a great time to catch up on those last minute work projects that you’d love to get done before you reach your destination. Many airports have special business/work sections with outlets to charge your phone or computer.

4)    Take a nap. If you’ll be flying economy, chances are it will be hard to get any rest on the plane. Find a comfortable looking couch or row of seats (or floor, if need be) and catch some Zs before take-off.

5)    Go for a stroll, stretch your body. Walking around the airport is important, especially between long flights. After you stretch your legs, be sure to stretch your arms, back, and neck, too. Sitting for hours on end is not good for your body. Treat it to some healthy movement before you board your next flight. Your body will thank you.


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