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Five Essentials To Pack For Thanksgiving Travel Days

Five Essentials To Pack For Thanksgiving Travel Days, shutterstock:Brenda Bailey

As I gear up to brave the airport for my own Thanksgiving travels, I am packing up my bags with essentials to make one of the busiest travel days a little less busy for me. While there will be crowds, long lines and gate hoverers out in full force, traveling for Thanksgiving can be much more bearable if you have a few helpful tools in your carry-on bag. Before you make your turkey trot home, be sure to pack these five essentials for a smooth travel day.

Hand Sanitizer
: The Thanksgiving travel period is one of the busiest, if not the busiest of the year. For the traveler flying through cold season, busy can translate into picking up a bug at the airport just in time for Thanksgiving dinner. If you are flying for Thanksgiving, you will want to pack a bottle of hand sanitizer to have at the ready. If you touch anything from the check-in screens to those germy security bins, you will be glad to have something to keep the colds at bay.

Snacks: It might sound idiotic to pack snacks for your Thanksgiving travels since you will be feasting in a few hours, but with flight delays, cancellations and any other long travel day mishaps that can come about, you will be glad to have some nibbles in your bag. While you can buy food at the airport, those purchases can really drain the wallet, especially as the holiday season approaches. If you can save money and your stomach on one of the busiest travel days of the year, taking the time to pack a few snacks from home can save your Thanksgiving travel day.

Printed or Mobile Boarding Pass: You could arrive to the airport for your Thanksgiving travels and print your boarding pass at the ticket counter. This will involve standing in lines and possibly a run in with the germy check-in screens. To save you time and possibly a cold, you should have your boarding pass packed away in your carry-on bag before you leave for the airport. Whether you print out a paper copy or merely download your mobile boarding pass, a traveler eliminate unnecessary steps in the airport and alleviate the stress of the Thanksgiving journey.

Noise Canceling Headphones/Ear Plugs: Due to all of the holiday travelers, noise and stress levels in the airport escalate. To keep your Thanksgiving travel days stress-free, noise canceling headphones or even just earplugs can come in handy. By blocking out all of the noise, you will experience less fatigue from your travels.

Caffeine: From tea packets to instant coffee, caffeine is always helpful to the traveler on the road. However, the Thanksgiving holiday lends a fast turn around between being with family and friends and then heading back to the office. To keep alert and not miss those early morning flights or redeyes, a little caffeine at your disposal could end up being a holiday miracle.


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