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Extend Your Summer with a Visit to Phoenix This Fall

Growing up in the Midwest of America, I know winter very, very well, and let's just say that we're not the best of friends.  I always vowed to move somewhere where winter didn't really exist – somewhere like Arizona.


However, when friends and family heard of this, they would always comment that it was just too hot in summer to live there.  “You can't go outside for 3 months of the year!”


To that, I crashed their logic by stating the obvious fact that it was too cold and disgusting to go outside for nearly 5 months of the year during winter in our home town.


Still, they did have a point with summers in Arizona.  In Phoenix alone, the summer high temperatures easily range in the 103 – 105 degree Fahrenheit zone, and that is just too hot to move. 


I wouldn't recommend a summer holiday to Phoenix, but I would recommend a fall getaway, which means now is the perfect time to start planning!


While September is still quite hot in Phoenix, at least you know that the heat is a dry heat, and that will have less of an impact on you than the same temperature in a humid location.  October, however, is the time to take advantage of Phoenix just as your home city starts to feels the effects of fall cooling off the air.  You can easily get away to the warmer southwest and pretend summer has not yet ended!


Once you book a cheap flight to Phoenix, you can start planning your activities, such as visiting the Phoenix Zoo, driving the Apache Trail or hanging out in the Desert Botanical Gardens.


The Phoenix Zoo is one open every single day of the year, so you will never be disappointed on a vacation getaway by being met with a closed sign.  On the premises are local Arizona wildlife, tropical animals and animals from the African savannah.  You'll have the opportunity to get up close at the petting zoo, relax on a pedal boat or take part in feeding sting rays.


If you have or rent a car, then driving the Apache Trail will be a brilliant option for enjoying the spectacular landscapes and scenery that surround Phoenix.  The Apache Trail runs for about 48 miles past Canyon Lake and Apache Lake through the Superstition Mountains and on to the Tonto National Forest.


Phoenix is home to the Desert Botanical Garden, which is a garden set on 140 acres of land featuring thousands of plants in sensory pleasing exhibits.  The garden receives over 640,000 visitors each year proving it is a great place to spend the day or afternoon.


So, what are you waiting for?  Start planning your Phoenix getaway now and know your summer will be lasting that much longer!


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