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Escape Winter in These 12 Warm Weather Destinations

Escape Winter in These 12 Warm Weather Destinations

Already over winter and craving some heat? If you’d prefer your own moderately clad flesh to be roasting on the beach rather than a bunch of chestnuts on an open fire, have a look at this sun lover’s dozen of warm weather havens.
1.    Australia

It’s a long haul flight from just about anywhere else but being down under means Aussies get summer when the Northern Hemisphere is suffering from the winter chill. Now’s a great time to visit Australia’s world famous beaches and world class cities.

2.    Dubai

Dubai is a luxury oasis of mind bogging proportions, with an average high of 75° F (23°C) this time of year.

3.    Ecuador

It doesn’t get much more equatorial than Ecuador! Tropical rainforests, deserted beaches, some of the world’s most amazing scenery and even the Galapagos Islands await smart travelers heading to this small and friendly South American country.

4.    Ethiopia

With a dramatic and diverse landscape, a unique and vibrant culture – plenty of sunshine and an annual average temperature in the low 70s (Fahrenheit) – consider Ethiopia for an exotic escape from winter.

5.    Florida

Orlando, the Keys, miles and miles of sandy beaches and hot Miami nightlife – it’s no wonder the sunshine state is the de facto winter retreat for so many snowbirds.

6.    Hawaii

Alooooooha! Kick back, have a Mai Tai, get a lomi-lomi massage and watch the humpback whales breaching just off the coast. Winter? What’s that?

7.    Jamaica

You could be jammin’ right now in the Caribbean sun to some excellent reggae on the beach.

8.    Israel

Have an especially buoyant float in the Dead Sea, see the historic sites of Jerusalem or party like there’s no tomorrow is Tel Aviv.

9.    Mexico

Caribbean or Pacific? Mayan ruins or five-star resort? Why not a mix of all the above?

10. New Zealand

Ditto what was said about Australia … plus, we here there are hobbits dwelling in these hills.
11. Puerto Rico

Pina colados? Check. Palm trees? Check. Sultry salsa on the dancefloor? – ¡Si! Winter is a time to sizzle in this island paradise.

12. Singapore

Rooftops swimming pools, extra spicy food and an amazing assortment of hotels and resorts make this vibrant city nation a super fun place for a balmy winter break.

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