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Are You an Ethical and Eco-Conscious Traveler?

Written by Tasmiah Rashid

At home, you’re the master recyclist, an animal rights activist, a culture connoisseur, and your fingers are always on the pulse of all the ways to be eco-friendly. But do you know if you’re keeping up with your social and environmental awareness while you’re traveling? While you might be upholding all the principles and practices of sustainability on your home front, it’s easy to lose track of your carbon footprint and become unmindful of your local surroundings when you’re on the road. Take this quiz to put your ethical and eco-conscious travel practices to the test!


About the author

Tasmiah Rashid

In a past life, Tasmiah was either a Bollywood actress, renowned ethnographer or master chef; no questions asked. In this one, she is a shower-singing, croissant enthusiast, who also writes content for Fareportal, in that order.