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Afraid of Getting Sick When Traveling? Test Your Knowledge on How to Stay Healthy!

Written by Javier Peinado

This blog post was updated on July 5, 2021.

We live in unprecedented, quite scary times. COVID-19 changed everything, except our passion for travel and need to discover new, exciting places. But how can we keep scoring cheap flight tickets while staying safe? Although there’s no magic trick, there are definitely a few good tips to help you avoid nasty viruses while jumping on a plane. Ready for some well-deserved peace of mind? Then put your face mask on and be ready to take off!

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Javier Peinado

Born in Barcelona. Raised in Madrid. New Yorker at heart. When he is not geeking out at a comic book convention or binge-watching superhero shows, this bilingual journalist loves to discover secret venues and hidden places around the world to fill his insatiable wanderlust. He also digs into ghost-busting, Bigfoot-hunting, and UFO-sighting. The truth is out there.

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