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A Halloween Themed Itinerary: How To Have a Spooky Weekend No Matter Your Destination

For Halloween, some flock to Salem to roam where supposed witches flew. Some head to Savannah, said to be the most haunted city in America. And others are merely left in destinations that aren’t known for their spooks around the end of October. However, if you want to get in the holiday spirit no matter your current location, you can by following this spooky itinerary that works for a variety of destinations.

Stay at a haunted hotel: Even from the far reaches of the globe, there are hotels with guests who never checked out. If you are planning a Halloween themed trip, you should research your destination’s options for hotels. By searching for those with a rich history and perhaps a few ghost stories, your Halloween themed trip will be all the more complete. If staying at a hunted hotel sounds like your kind of nightmare, you can always see if the haunted hotels at your destination offer ghost tours instead.

Visit an old graveyard: You don’t have to stray too far away from home to have Halloween themed travels. With a little research, you should be able to find an old graveyard near you. While graveyards don’t always make the top of a tourist’s itinerary, they do add quite a bit of chills to a Halloween themed journey. Graveyards cannot just induce a few chills but also be an excursion though the area’s architecture and history. If you can locate the oldest and most historic graveyard near your destination, there is a wealth of stories to be found beyond the rusted gates.

Grab a drink or dinner at haunted establishments
: Most cities have bars and restaurants with ghost stories to go along with their grub and cocktails. Especially for those who don’t want to stay at haunted properties, you can at least look up a few restaurants and bars with ghost stories at your destination. While sitting at the bar or corner table, you never know what you might see.

Head for true ghost towns: Sometimes the mere feeling of abandonment puts the traveler right in the theme of Halloween. True ghost towns lend these feelings of abandonment and mystery. Lucky ghost towns exist all over the world. These abandoned settlements come with their own set of stories of the who, what, where, when and why. Whether the town failed due to dried up gold or merely to the closing a railroad, they make for spooky places to visit around Halloween.

Roam through historic neighborhoods: While manufactured haunted houses are all fine and well, the traveler in search of true haunted homes can merely roam through their destination’s most historic neighborhoods. In many cities, these neighborhoods with the most history feature not just impressive architecture and famous former residents, but also their share of ghost stories. If you do a bit of searching, you might uncover a haunted mansion that offers tours of the premises to fill your Halloween itinerary.


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