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5 Tips for Looking Your Best in Travel Photos

5 Tips for Looking Your Best in Travel PhotosI grew up with a mother who loved to take tons of photos of us, traveling or not. As I look back on some of the photos from my teens and young adulthood, I realize there are several things I could have done to improve the outcome of these pictures. Here are some tips (that I’ve implemented in my adult travel years) for looking your best in travel photos.

Wear comfortable, solid colored (or subtly patterned) clothing. If you’re wearing uncomfortable clothes in your photos, it will show (not to mention make you miserable during your travel adventures). While traveling, wear comfortable clothes that fit right (not too baggy or tight). Solid colors or subtle patterns work best for photos, because they don’t detract from the most important part of the shot – you.

Take a moment to freshen up.
Some travel photos will be impromptu (I personally love these), and others will be posed. For posed photos, take a moment to make sure you don’t have anything in your teeth and perhaps blot your face and apply a fresh coat of lip gloss before you smile for the camera.

Stand (or sit) up straight.
As someone with chronically poor posture (I spend most of my days hunched over a laptop), I have a really hard time remembering to straighten up for photos. However, when I take the extra moment to engage my abs and roll back my shoulders, it makes a world of difference. I’ve also found that turning my shoulders, neck and head slightly to the side can be flattering as well.

Use your surroundings. In many travel photos, you will be in beautiful or impressive places. Use your surroundings to enhance your photo. For posed photos, take a moment to figure out the best angle (taking into consideration scenery, light source, etc.). Striking a funny (yet still respectful) pose can also be a great way to get that memorable travel photo.  

Be in the moment, and let your face reflect that.
There are already enough photos of duck lips out there. Forget about looking “cool” (and trust me, duck lips aren’t it) and be yourself.  That doesn’t mean you need to put on a wide smile for every picture. A photo should help you remember how you were feeling during a particular travel experience. Before the shutter snaps, take a deep breath and allow your face to reflect whatever emotion you are feeling at that moment.


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