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5 Tips for a Seamless Destination Wedding

You’re tying the knot with your dream partner in your dream destination. Perfect, right? Not so fast! The reality is, a whole lot of hard work goes behind planning a destination wedding. To reap the rewards of jet setting across the globe for your big day (the stunning photos alone will be worth the trouble), here are five planning tips so you can get it right the first –and hopefully only– time.
Customized wedding invitations are a MUST. If you’re hosting an intimate gathering at your town’s reception hall, store-bought invites will work just fine. But if you’re asking guests to fly to Tahiti to bear witness to your nuptials, customized invitations will allow you to lay out the structure of the trip.
Websites like Minted make it easy to share the important details of your big day with family and friends. You can order directions cards, reception cards, RSVP cards, and thank you cards in one bundle –a must when navigating a foreign land. And since Minted crowd-sources art from independent designers, you’ll have the best and most beautiful destination wedding selection tailored to your needs.
Update your luggage. Remember your old suitcase…you know, the one you duct taped together? The last thing you need is for your dilapidated old suitcase to fall apart at bag check. Invest in a set of waterproof luggage and garment bags for your wedding dress. Suitcase dividers and shoe storage bags will keep your stash neat –meaning less stress for you.
Keep a planner. You’ll also want an actual wedding planner (those range between 10 and 15 percent of your wedding’s total budget), but we’re talking about the classic paper kind. Map out costs like airfare, hotel bookings, transportation, and even coffee runs for the bridal party. Factor in emergency funds for fashion mishaps (broken heels, anyone?) and pharmacy trips. The last thing you want to do is fend for yourself on a private island…in a wedding dress, no less.
Do your research. Booking a stay at a luxurious Florida resort won’t sound so great if it’s during hurricane season. A bit of research goes a long way in avoiding wedding mishaps. Topics to consider when surfing the Web:
  • Local marriage requirements
  • Laws and customs
  • Currency
  • Weather (A poufy tulle dress and 90 degree heat aren’t exactly a great pairing)
  • Reception hall and local restaurant ratings
  • Transportation methods
Be accommodating. You’ve been dreaming of your destination wedding for years, but your best friend hasn’t. In general, destination weddings can weigh heavy on guests’ pockets, so make every effort to cut costs. Take some extra time to hunt for group deals. Quite a few guests simply won’t be able to afford airfare and room costs, so plan on hosting a small gathering when you get back. This way, everyone gets to feel included and you get double the fun –and gifts!

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