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5 Simple Ways to Cut Travel Costs

When you’re jet-setting across the globe, travel costs can take a heavy toll on your bank account. And dropping money on overpriced airline food and in-demand flights means less cash to spend in the cities you’ve been waiting ages to visit. Our own Tom Spagnola offers his expert tips and tricks on saving big bucks while in the air or on the road.

Book in advance and be flexible on your dates of travel. They’re the most critical aspects of saving money on travel. Avoid weekend travel if possible. The most popular flights are Friday-Sunday. Instead, consider leaving mid-week, Monday through Thursday. There is more inventory available, which will result in lower fares.

Try to avoid peak travel seasons if possible. There is more demand for peak (summer) travel from the beginning of June through the Labor Day Weekend. Demand is extremely high and flights are very full, which means the airlines have no need to discount their fares.

Travel light! Airlines are charging for checked baggage, carry-on items and some even charge to print boarding passes at airline counters.  Check-in online and keep your baggage and carry-on items to a minimum.

Consider secondary or smaller airport locations.
They will sometimes have a lower-priced fare as compared to flying into a major airport. For example, there will be cheaper flights into Chicago Midway Airport as compared to flying into Chicago O’Hare. It may not be as convenient for some travelers but the savings can be substantial enough to consider flying into a smaller airport.

Bring your own food.
The costs of food and drinks on planes and at the airports are often very expensive. Consider bringing your own foods to eat on long flights or during layovers.


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