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5 Reasons Why You Should Go Camping For Your Next Trip

In our world of social media over sharing and TV binge watching, it can be tough to remember that there’s more out there than just a digital screen. In fact, there’s a lot more, like trees, lakes, wild animals, and so on.

This month is officially designated as America’s “Great Outdoors Month.” Originally slated as “Great Outdoors Week” when it was first created in 1998, the celebration of America’s vast network of state and national parks has grown to include the entire month of June, with a variety of public events, PSAs, and official proclamations to highlight the awesomeness of getting away from it all by communing with nature.

In that mind, we’ve gone ahead and compiled several reasons why you should try camping, hiking, or other outdoor-based getaways for your next trip.
It’s Good For Your Health
Haters of the outdoor life will probably list all the various extreme dangers to life and limb as reason why they stay out of the woods, but the truth is that camping trips are great for you health. Hiking and other activities are fantastic forms of exercise. Camping trips also traditionally have healthier food, while all that sunlight translates to a healthy does of vitamin D. Oh, and sleeping outdoors has been shown to reset campers natural sleep schedules.
It Boosts Your Mood
You know all those things we just mentioned above in regards to physical health? Yeah, they also help with your mental health. Additionally, getting away from it all and enjoying the peace and quiet of the outdoors is well known to help people distress and relax. Maybe being unplugged from work emails and the competitive pressures of social media can actually be a good thing?
It’s A More Cost Effective Vacation
There’s a reason we used the phrase “cost effective” instead of “cheap.” If you’ve ever found yourself in a camping supply store or the outdoor section of a sporting goods chain, you’ve probably noticed the high price tags, but unlike the supplies and tools for a lot of other hobbies and activities, camping gear tends to last a long time. Just ask anyone who’s still schlepping around the backpack they used in their twenties or still using the camping stove from when they were a boy scout. Add in the low cost of staying at a campground or price of admission to a park and camping seems like less of strain on the wallet versus other vacations.
It Creates Stronger Social Bonds
There’s nothing quite like relationships that are forged outdoors. Whether it’s new friends made right on the campground, old ones that you’ve made the trip with, or your family, camping is known to bring people closer together and create tight bonds that extend beyond the woods.
Are you an experienced outdoorsman or outdoorswoman who thinks we missed a reason to start camping? Let us know in the comments section below.


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