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5 Hotel Hacks For Better Rooms, Freebies & More Comfort

5 Hotel Hacks For Better Rooms, Freebies & More Comfortable Travel

We all want to travel longer, cheaper and easier. Travel hacks keep all these wishes in mind. They are those little bits of information and tips that leave many of us scratching our heads and wondering why we didn’t think of that before. While many travel hacks will help you score the best flight or even make packing easier, many of us want to know how we can make our hotel stays cheaper, easier and more comfortable. Before you check in, keep these hotel travel hacks in mind.


Use The TV As a Charger: Some hotel rooms have ample outlets, while others have that one plug, behind the bed in an unreachable spot. If you find yourself in this situation and need to charge your phone or other devices that use a USB port, you might want to turn to the TV. Many TVs have a USB port where you can charge your phone when no other outlets are within reach.


Dodge Cancellation Fees By Changing Your Dates:
You have passed the time limit to change your hotel stay without penalty. If the time on your free cancellation has passed, you can dodge the cancellation fee by changing your travel dates. Once you have changed your dates to within the cancellation time without a deposit, you should be able to cancel without penalty. Travelers should note that this hotel hack only works if you have booked a refundable reservation. In some cases, you might be able to not only change your dates but also the type of reservation you booked to dodge the cancellation fee even on a non-refundable reservation.


Score Better Treatment and a Better Room By Joining The Hotel’s Club: If you don’t travel a lot or you seldom stay at the same hotel chain, you can still take advantage of their rewards programs. Before your trip, sign up for the hotel chain’s rewards program. These are usually free to join and only require filling out minimal information. By merely being a part of the club, hotel front desk clerks often notice you are part of the hotel’s loyalty program. This can lead to better rooms, faster Wi-Fi in some cases and additional freebies you wouldn’t have if you don’t join, even for just a night.


Sometimes Last Minute and Late Equals a Better Deal:
I was traveling last week in Florida and booked a hotel a week in advance. When I checked in, the property was not as pictured so I asked for a refund and left. I did a quick search of nearby hotels and found another hotel priced at $160. A week ago it was $230. The official check in time had already passed and clearly the property was trying to fill rooms at a much lower cost than listed last week. Sometimes it pays to book on the fly. Prices can get lower and lower the later and later you book. However, this hotel hack only works if you are a bit of a gambler and there are many hotels in the area.


Your Hotel Often Supplies Essential Packing Aides: When you are traveling for a long period of time, hotel room after hotel room, you might forget that your room has a lot of items you can take with you and use to help with packing and freshness along the way. That shower cap in the hotel toiletry kit can function as a shoe cover when you need to toss in dirty footwear into a crowded bag. Rather than running out and buying travel sized toiletry bottles, your hotel room can be your free store. I usually grab whatever is on the bathroom counter to use the bottle later. If you don’t like the products, you can always empty them and fill them up with your products. That bar of soap the hotel provides can also function as a bag freshener when your clothes start to smell. And lastly, always grab the hotel plastic laundry bag. It will come in handy for lugging items you didn’t foresee or for separating dirty clothes from clean items.


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