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5 Hot Miami Blogs

This blog post was updated on August 20, 2018.

5 Hot Miami Blogs, photo:chris osburn

Whether you heading to Miami for the food, the culture or simply to bask in the sun, this city famously has something for everyone and is an excellent destination no matter what kind of vacation you have in mind. To help you make the most of your sizzling South Florida break, here’s a list of five Miami area blogs that are as fun to read as they are filled with useful tips.

Beached Miami

Covering a “nascent phenomenon called Miami culture” with a strong emphasis on the area’s music and art scenes, Beached Miami offers a somewhat highbrow yet still fairly youthful take on what’s worth checking out and talking about in Miami. More than just another listings and reviews site, the folks behind Beached Miami, see their blog as a platform for Miami creatives to communicate with the their city.

BoyWrites Miami

A quick excerpt From the Boy Writes Miami About page should give a clue about the tone of this blog:

My name is Orlando “Winters”, I’m 27 years old, I’ve lived in Miami for about 21 of those years, and I like to write completely ridiculous reviews.

Plenty of humour (you decide if it’s in good taste) along with a cavalier approach to writing (“gratuitous vulgarity” included) provides a fun read about this wacky blogger’s hometown.

The Chowfather

For tips on South Florida’s best burgers, best pizza and lots more The Chowfather is a great blog to keep in mind for down to earth recommendations and reviews on where to eat in the Miami area from a “food fan not a critic.”

Food for Thought (a Miami Food Blog)

Food for Thought (a Miami Food Blog)
is a delectable and informative labor of love from a local foodie who blogs “for fun” about eateries and food-related events “throughout South Florida and wherever else I may wind up.”


Miami Alive is a “literary and photographic journal focused on the cities multinational cultural landscape.” The blog’s goal is to “beautifully document the city of Miami.” Even if you only quick browse this blog, you’d have to concede that they’re going a very good job achieving their aims while sharing loads of info about places to go and amazing events along the way.


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