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4 Ways To Stay Healthy While Traveling

4 Ways To Stay Healthy While Traveling

As today marks World Health Day, many of us are looking for
ways to keep up a healthy lifestyle. At home, staying healthy is often easier
than it can be while traveling. Whether it is catching a cold on the airplane
or putting on extra pounds in Paris, staying healthy is a challenge while
traveling. In order to keep those airport germs away and vacation weight gain
from creeping in, here are a few ways to travel and maintain your health.

Get Some Rest:
One of the main reasons why you might not feel very healthy while traveling
could be blamed on the amount of sleep you are getting on the road. While
travel can throw off sleep schedules and practices, you have to be sure you are
getting enough rest to keep germs at bay and to merely feel better. Travelers
should bring comforts from home to create the same sleep environment on the
road, so that your sleep schedule keeps on track.

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Traveling can be a non-stop cycle of eating, sightseeing, eating
some more, sightseeing and hitting the hay. While you might be consuming more
calories on the road, you can still keep the pounds away as you sightsee.
Biking and walking tours will help keep your waistline in check. Travelers
should resist stationary tours like those on a bus. Even just walking around a
new city can be helpful toward maintaining a healthier lifestyle on the road.

Limit Your Alcohol:
Many of us head out on vacation and immediately drink more than we typically do
at home. Vacation brain can lead to ordering more alcoholic drinks with meals
than you normally do at home. While it can be tempting to let loose and unwind,
travelers looking to keep up healthy habits should limit their alcoholic
beverages. Glass after glass builds up your calorie count and those swigs might
be the reason why you are coming home with more weight.

Book Hotels with Gyms
and Pools:
The traveler is often plagued with crazy schedules. Fitting in
time to exercise isn’t always easy. To help you unwind after a long day of
travel or perhaps to kick off a long day of travel, it can be nice to get in a
workout or run. If your hotel has a gym or a pool, exercising while traveling
becomes even more easy and accessible. When booking a hotel, you should check
the amenities to make sure your exercise routine could be built in to your


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