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4 Travel Tips For 1st Time College Students

If you are sending off your first child to college or you are heading off to college for the first time, the entire process can be scary, intimidating and costly. In the case of students traveling to schools away from home, going back to school proves challenging from a travel perspective. With flights and road trips to consider and loads of packing involved, heading back to school can be one giant headache for parents of first time college students. Before you send off your loved one or you make the trip yourself, here are some back to school travel tips to start the year and college off on the right travel foot.
Check For Student Discounts on Flights:
As a college student away from home, you are often thrown into more travel experiences than you may be used to with travel required for fall and spring breaks along with holidays and other events. No matter where you are headed, you will miss out on savings if you just book the standard airfare. Students have a wealth of airline discounts available to them that many don’t use. You can look for student fares directly with airlines or browse listings like OneTravel’s student discount page.
Sign Up For Student Cards for Travel Savings:
In addition to student discounts on flights, college students can also merely pay a minimal annual fee for certain student discount cards. These cards offer many travel related discounts if you have them. For example, the Student Advantage Card offers savings on major retailors and many travel providers for a price of $22.50 a year. The International Student Identity Card also lends student discounts, even more specifically to travel with many museums, tours and attraction discounts. This card is ideal for students who will study abroad.
Always Pack Light, Really:
When I left for college out of state, I had far too many suitcases filled with clothes and personal items that I really didn’t need. While you might want to pack everything you own, moving off to college can be a good time to go through what you have and eliminate. Packing light can offer a great deal of savings too when you don’t have to buy more containers and storage solutions when you get there. It also makes for a lighter card load, which equates to gas savings on those long road trips back to school.
Inquire About Special Hotel Rates For Schools:
Parents of first time college students are either going to want to visit or they will be making the trip out to college to help their son or daughter. Parents can also see savings in a back to school sense by inquiring at hotels near campuses for their school rates. Most hotels offer these rates if they are located in college towns and areas. They generally aren’t advertised online so it always pays to pick up the phone and ask what the special rate may be for your student’s school.

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