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4 Tips for Staying Sane at the Airport

4 Tips for Staying Sane at the Airport


On your way to the airport? Keep cool with this quartet of tips for a smooth flight – before you even leave the ground.

Know before you go

Do you know which terminal? What time does your gate close? What’s your airline’s baggage allowance (number of bags and weight limits)? Check all that stuff before you check-in. It will save you time and quite possibly money. By the way, when was the last time you checked your flight status? Be sure to keep up to date with any scheduling changes. If you booked months in advance, there’s a good chance your flights departure time may have changed significantly.

Your winning smile 

When things go wrong or something isn’t clear, remember to use those magic words like “please” and “thank you” and to try keeping a big (and sincere) smile on your face. Such simple niceties usually result in a far better outcome than “going ballistic” on any airline rep or airport worker. Odds are whoever is helping you had nothing to do with your problem anyway.

Take it off and out and do it quick

Well before it’s “your turn” at security, have a look for what’s going to be required of you. Will you be asked to remove your belt? Should you take your coat off? Be prepared and ready to go as soon and as quickly as possible. And before you even make a move for the airport, give some thought to what you’re wearing and how you’ve packed your carryon items. Do you really need to wear steel-toed thigh high boots or the world’s most metallic belt today? Have you packed your laptop or tablet in such a way that you can swiftly access it? There’s no lingering bottle of hand sanitizer or a lighter in your carry on is there?

Set aside plenty of time and then add a little more to it

This tip has been mentioned before in a post about stress-free travel. But it’s worth repeating because there are few things more stressful than being stuck in traffic and wondering if you’ll even make it to the airport before your gates closes. Showing up much too early for a flight can be super boring, but it’s no fun having to make a mad dash across a busy airport. Always add in extra time to get where you’re going. Downtime at the airport or in some café on the road can be productive or relaxing and is always better than getting somewhere too late. And if something does go wrong, you’ll have time to fix it without panic.


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