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4 Tips For Selecting a Language School Abroad

4 Tips For Selecting a Language School Abroad

“Go there and you will learn the language,” states every
advice under the sun about how to learn a language. However, language learning
isn’t quite so black and white. For most people, it involves going where the
language is spoken and taking classes at a language school. After stints in
several language schools abroad, I noticed that not all of these schools are
created equally. Before you sign up for a program, here are a few tips to
consider for finding the best language school for your needs, wants and wishes.


Research The Location
Like It’s Your Job:
Where you are studying can largely, if not solely,
impact your language studies. If the school is far outside of a town, you have
to consider how long your commute will be each day and whether you are going to
have much real life interaction with locals to test your skills. If the school
is right in the heart of a tourist center, you also have to determine if enough
people will speak the local tongue to you or simply resort to English. If you
can’t really test out the skills you pick up in the classroom in actual
settings and scenarios, it can impair your ability to learn the language.


Determine How Serious
You Are Based on Where You Live:
When you are deciding on a language
school, you have to do your homework first and foremost on where you can live.
Many schools can set up private apartments or homestays for you at an
additional cost. Some even include housing in their overall price. Private
apartments can impair language learning especially if you are placed with other
English speakers. Homestays can be more intensive and challenging but can also
move your language learning along at a faster pace. Prospective language school
students also need to know the details on their living situation. I once
checked into my private apartment at a language school where the owner of the
building decided to place her visiting nephews as well. In some parts of the
world, a school might have no problem mixing you up in apartments with both men
and women. You have to be comfortable with the situation, which starts by
asking detailed questions on your living accommodations.


Small is Best When It
Comes To Class Size:
If you are really trying to pick up a new language at
a language school, you need to research how big or small the class size will
be. Small is best if you want to fine-tune your skills and receive more
individualized attention. However, if you are looking to meet people, small
programs can make this more difficult. Again, it depends on your wants but for
better language skills, select a school that places emphasis on small and private


Don’t Go For Broke:
When you plot to live aboard and learn a new language, many tend to
underestimate how much they will spend. You might sign up for a very expensive
language school, thinking that will be your only cost. Students have to know
what the average amount will be that they could spend on meals, activities and
entertainment. Before you commit monetarily to a school, know how much you are
paying for group and individual lessons on a per class basis. You need to know
what is included and what isn’t while having a general idea of how much you
will spend each day including lessons. Obviously location can play a role in
the expense with more popular destinations tending to cost more. For example, a
language school in Florence tends to price out to be more costly than a
language school in Sicily. 


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